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What's in your basket [July/Aug 2019]



I promised my other half that I will not buy anymore wine at least until September (he sticks with realistic goals), but I managed to snick in a few single random bottles already. I heard somewhere that promises are like babies - fun to make but hard to deliver.

Anyhoo… I got two from TWS awaiting delivery:


Also got a couple from a local wine shop:


I have a feeling TWS used to list the Langhe Bianco (made by Vajra)…? :thinking:

Has anyone ever tried it?


:rofl::joy::rofl: the best I’ve heard !

and a nice choice of wines too


Delicious! Could definitely taste the Riesling even though there’s only a small amount in the blend. I recall it being somewhat cheaper from TWS but that’s no surprise really.


Ah! did you try it in the press tasting…? I wonder if that’s where I remember it from… I must say, the descriptions I read about it sound right up my street. I also like the fact that there’s a rather obscure local grape there (Nascetta)- not that I have any clue what it’s supposed to taste like! :smile:

Looking forward to trying it! :+1:


I don’t think it was at the press tasting I went to, but I’ve bought it a couple of times in different vintages just because I love all things vinous from Piedmont basically! I would say no single grape dominated, and it made for a delicious summery glass.


I am not buying wine ever again… so 3 bottles of this is the only thing arriving in August.


There seems to be a theme emerging. I don’t really need any wine at the moment either - I took advantage of Waitrose’s 25% off deal a couple of times lately, shortly after stocking up from the society, and I had a load of friends round for a BBQ at the weekend and ended up with more wine than I started with - that’s never happened before! However, when did needing wine matter when it comes to buying it. I want some of that Bin 002 so I’ll put a little order together.

Val de Loire Chardonnay Parcelles, Réthoré Davy 2018 x 2
Olivier Leflaive, Bourgogne Oncle Vincent 2015 x 1
Weissburgunder, Toni Jost 2017 x 1
Rosso Piceno Tenute Pieralisi 2016 x 1
Bin #002 Zweigelt 2017 x 2
Nebbiolo d’Alba Vigna Valmaggiore, Cantina del Nebbiolo 2016 x 1
Blind Spot King Valley Arneis 2018 x 1


That’s what my wife keeps telling me :rofl:


I remember your new year’s resolution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t want to mention it, in case he said it in jest! :grinning:


What was it you said about babies and promises?


Regarding the ‘Dragon’, I’ve tried a few vintages ( 2011 through to 2015, 2014 excepted ) and couldn’t agree more with @Bargainbob comments. I think you’ll like it !

Not exactly in the basket anymore but this lot’s due for delivery early on Friday morning…

6 x Peter Lehmann ’ Margaret ’ Semillon 2012
1 x Kooyong Massale Pinot Noir 2107
1 x The Society’s Hungarian White ( to replace the bottle drunk yesterday )
1 x Kadarka 2017, Maurer
1 x Concha Y Toro Corte Marcelo Limari Pinot Noir 2017
1 x Undurraga Las Gaviotas Pinot Noir 2015
1 x Pinot Noir Haut Valee de l’Aude , Domaine de Mouscaillo 2016

And a couple of special bottles…

1 x Champagne Pierre Paillard Bouzy GC La Grande Recolte 2006 ( thanks to @szaki1974 for the heads-up ).
1 x Alsace GC Furstentum Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2015 Weinbach

Which I’m hoping is my last order for some considerable time. We shall see !


Lovely looking summer wines. I’ve only tried the Petite Arvine, which was delicious.

I have similarly bent more than a couple of promises about wine spend and as planning a period of abstinence (from buying).

However, just seen the Beaujolais EP offer! Anyone know whether the time frame means I don’t get charged until September?


Yes, payment is due after the wines are allocated in September.


Doesn’t look like you’ve opted into the EP group @Brocklehurstj but sounds like it may be of interest to you


I wasn’t aware there was an opt-in group. How do I do that?

My selections are pretty meagre (and only been an active member for a year and a half), but I’d certainly be curious to hear others’ opinions on EP from this community.


Up in the top-right corner, under Groups:


You should then get a list of groups, with an option to join (if join-able) in the right-hand column:

Come and fall into the en primeur rabbit hole… :dizzy_face:


Rabbit hole? Bottomless pit :grin:


I’m on a wine buying freeze too - having bought a shed load of Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and Dolcetto from the likes of Vajra, Burlotto and Mascarello. Plus some gran Reserva Rioja. Eurocave is overflowing and I have record stocks in both TWS reserves and with other merchants. At current rate of drinking I have about 8 years worth of wine.

I skipped 2018 Bordeaux and Port and will be passing on White Burgundy too. The Jeroboams of Beaujolais EP could break my resolve - as might those magnums of Vajra on the main list - but otherwise I hope to now save for 2018 Rhône - and towards my huge storage bill…


Thanks for that for the life of me I couldn’t work out how I joined.

In fact I wonder if there’s some merit in un-joining :wink::wink::joy: