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Whats in your basket? [February 2019]



Order picked to include next taste test 2.




Snap on the Hofstätter! I love a good Lagrein, so really looking forward to trying this one!

Others I got (as well as the ones for the tasting) are:

The husband is most looking forward to the Chinon.


I have a Lirac in the fridge may just to have that tonight. :+1::thinking:


I got a bottle of this this month, will open when my parents visit later in the month. Was always curious if this chateau.


Order includes the two SA wines for the online tasting later in the month, x4 Society Fino sherry, x1 Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortada and a few from the wish list including this which I will be intrigued to try

Always on the lookout for good dry Muscat to recommend to my Mam who loves the stuff but finds the Alsace prices a bit too keen.


I have gone for 3 higher end bottles as i wanted to give the better half a blind tasting of left bank vs right bank as she’s never had a right bank bordeaux but loves an haut medoc.

I went with this old-skool one… If she doesn’t like it then she just doesn’t do merlot! Opening it before a blind left-bank haut medoc. I won’t tell her anything more than ‘they’re reds’

Same for nebbiolo

And this sounded :drooling_face:


Curiosity (Shop) has got the better of me:

Probably perfect with roast lamb…if only the other half would eat it!


I have the same problem with lamb… not to mention mutton.


I enjoyed the 2005 Ch.de Beaulieu, so have ordered some multiples of that and the 07, and 10.

Then a forum recommendation, the Bricco Rosso. Given how much italian food I eat I should really drink more of their wine! Should be perfect with a tomato pasta dish or pizza.

A replenishment of a regular buy, the Finca Munoz.

The super glugable Saint-Chinian, great value.

Lastly a budget gewürztraminer, for those rare times when I drink white. My previous favourite was the 2016 Silbador, this Bio-Bio will hopefully fill that little void.

Just got to wait for the little red van on Friday now…


Being a rather pedantic type, I can’t help wondering if there is any difference between Côtes du Marmandais, Château de Beaulieu and Château de Beaulieu, Côtes du Marmandais? And if, as I suspect, there isn’t, why they are written in different ways. Sorry, but just the sort of thing that tickles my curiosity.


Me too, it’s part of the reason I went for the 07!

I suspect it’s as simple as they have a different label and the copy from the producer has been cut’n’pasted. Hence those with the same label style are named alike?

I have enough bottles of each to thoroughly investigate with appropriate control samples too. :male_detective:


I was lucky enough to get a mouthful of the 2005. Probably the best right bank Bordeaux I have tried. If the 2011 is anywhere near as good you are in for a treat!


We loved the 2011, and looking forward to working our way through the remaining 5 vintages in the case! :+1::grinning:


Always a good day when you come home to a WS delivery! This includes the Curiosity Mixed Dozen (hence just about fitting in ‘What’s in your Basket’ - some most unusual wines…looking forward to those!


Funnily enough the lack of consistency of the website wine titles is something that constantly bugs me. Sometimes they hyphenate Saint and sometimes not. Somtimes it’s château sometimes just ch etc. etc.


Continuing my exploration of Savoie reds with these three:

The Grisard Persan is particularly interesting, Persan being a very rare grape only recently revived by a few producers and not even getting a mention in either Clarke and Rand’s Grapes and Wines or The World Atlas of Wine. Apparently there are only about 10 hectares currently planted. So I’ve little idea what to expect except that it is described as a high quality grape that should age well. So I guess I’ll be sampling this 2016 a bit young. Not a cheap one at £17.11.

The Ch St Philippe is another Mondeuse. I was very taken with the peppery notes of my previous introduction to Mondeuse so looking forward to this one. Again not cheap at £16.22

The Grisard Ermengarde is more moderately priced at £11.32 and also intriguing as a very much Savoie blend of Mondeuse, Persan, Pinot Noir and Gamay.

All bought locally in St Gervais Les Bains. Very much looking forward to trying these, though it will be a few days yet!


I do love a good Mondeuse! There’s something spicy, and a little feral about them, but they’re light enough to feel fresh and appetising. They remind me of Zweigelt and St. Laurent a bit – very good food wines!


I find it particularly interesting that it is thought it may be one of the parents of Syrah and you can certainly taste echoes in each.


Interesting! I read on Alpine Wines website that Mondeuse Blanche is the parent of Syrah, but that it itself isn’t related to the red Mondeuse. But who knows…?! :thinking:


Ah interesting, maybe a bit of both! From Wiki:

Mondeuse noire was once thought to be dark-berried color mutation of Mondeuse blanche, a variety that is best known for being the mother vine to the Rhône wine grape Syrah. However, in the early 21st century, DNA profiling showed that the two grapes actually had parent-offspring relationship though it is not yet known which grape is the parent and which is the offspring. This relationship makes Mondeuse noire, which is also known under the synonym Grosse Syrah , either a grandparent or half-sibling to Syrah.[3]