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What's in your basket? [5 Mar]



Thought I’d try a weekly chat about what we’re buying. Perhaps the weekend drinking thread has cleaned you out and you need to restock?! Or maybe someone has posted a wine that you simply must try!

Let us know what you’re buying this week!

For me, it will be finally deciding which Burgundy en primeur wines to order. My current selection is Chanson Beaune PC Clos du Marconnets and Bellene Nuits St Georges VV, with subs of the Chanson Savigny and either the Bellene Beaune or the Prudhon Nuits.


Nothing in my basket at this moment as my next order comes on Thursday.

I decided to try a few new wines (to me) and sorted through the entire list of wines, showing only countries I usually don’t buy from, and by price, and found a whole lot of interesting-sounding bottles so I’m going to be experimenting over the next few weeks … oh plus a case of Society Champagne and one of Weinert Cab Sauv '06 to keep squirrelled away before it runs out.


I also have an order coming this week, on Friday… mostly inspired by the recent Rhone EP campaign it will be

Clos de Caillou - CndP Quartz 2014
Dom Font de Michelle - CndP Etienne Gonnet 2006; and
Dom Trevallon - VdP des Bouches du Rhone Rouge 2004
Jadot - Chambolle 1er Cru Les Fuees 2011

Oh and I might add the next #twstaste wines if they are announced in time…


My next order is coming on Thursday too. Can’t wait! :grin:

I went for different wines, amongst which are a Hungarian Kekfrankos, the Cabernet Franc l’Orangeraie Reserve 2016, a Cremant d’Alsace, and a couple wines that were highly recommended in various threads- the Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 and the Vina Zorzal Garnacha Navarra 2016. We just finished booking our summer holiday to Provence, so to celebrate that I also ordered a Tavel. In terms of new grapes/wine, I went for a varietal Alicante Bouchet (never tasted it on its own). Also decided to give the Society’s Semillon a go. Now, roll on Thursday!! :wink:


probably first thing tomorrow - just waiting for the latest mixed case offer to get posted later today

hope that is enough time!


I have a tendency to stick to wines that I know I enjoy, which is a recipe for both a restricted enjoyment and also understanding of the wider vinous context. My basket is therefore mostly filled with Portuguese (I love Port, so why on earth don’t I drink their non fortified wines?) and Italian wines from different regions in the lower price brackets. I’ve also forced myself to include a few whites. One of the things I want to do is to settle on a case of something cheapish but enjoyable to bung into my reserves to allow me to draw out the better wines gradually across their drinking windows (something also suggested by someone on one of the other discussion forums).


This is the one off my wish list that will be loaded into the carrier van this week alongside the on offer WS Champagne.
I’ve also added the Delas Grignan after many recommendations on the community site with a Gaillac Blancs Les Gravels and Finca Lallana Verdejo


I plan to give this one a try…


A good choice. I think I prefer Godello to Albariño, and this is a pretty good one.



3 White Adehmar Montine
3 Fitou Origenes Bertrand Berge
3 Minervois St Eulalie
3 Pelerin Blanc Chartreuse de Mougeres

I have only had the Pelerin previously…any comments on the other three ? :angel::rose::wine_glass:


The last time I had that Minervois it was delightful, but that was quite a while ago. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten how to make wine though :smiley:


Thanks Tom, I’m really looking forward to sampling that…I’ll let you know my thoughts on that one.


I haven’t tried the Fitou but you’re on safe ground with the Minervois and the white Adhemar. The Minervois definitely needs a decant - I remember it being quite sweet straight out of the bottle, but was much better on day 2.


This is why I am getting into EP now lol :smiley:


Tempted to try some of this as its in my basket at the moment :slight_smile:


One of the best ‘holiday wines’ I had was a 5 euro jug of nero d’avola in Sicily a few years back. I’d like to try this one!


Should’ve been called ‘What is your basket case?’


I stumbled on the Nero d’Avola grape a while back but not really explored it much - usually enjoy Aglianico del vulture for Italian reds.


I absolutely love Nero D’Avola, as well as Nerello Mascalese and Frappato. They are perhaps easy drinking wines, but transmit the sunshine and are joy in a glass. There’s a really lovely one by Majestic, called Nero Oro, which uses Appassimento process with the Nero D’Avola grape. It’s absolutely delicious in my opinion: