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What's in your basket? [4 June]



Went a bit overboard recently and after rearranging a few things at the weekend it appears my wine racks are full for the time being, so no shop for me this week. I’m sure I’ll make room soon enough.

How about you? What are you stocking up on this week?


Same here! Racks are becoming way too full… but this order is hopefully on its way this Thursday:

The Nero d’Avola won’t be in until the 12th, so fingers crossed I can get it in time for the tasting! That’s it for me for this month, I think! :wink:


That Marsanne is one of my favourites - snaffled a case of 6 away the other week. I wonder if I can be resatrained enough to wait a few years for some bottle age? Answers on a postcard.


Yes, quite a few people recommended this Marsanne, so I thought I’d give it a go- and if I like it, will definitely invest in a case for ‘aging’. I must confess, though, that other than about 5 bottles over the last few years, I haven’t really aged anything (other than aged myself). I am very much a “drink today, for who knows if I can drink tomorrow” sort of person. Not super sophisticated, I admit!


It is currently out of stock unfortunately as was going to order some myself. I do like keeping wine, and rarely drink any wine straight away.


I think it might be moving on to the new vintage. It was also wine of the week on JancisRobinson.com - have 7 bottles of the 2015 tucked away.


I think I’m still at the stage of my learning where I want to try as many different wines as possible- so as to develop my palate, and understand better what I like/don’t like; I feel that aging wine in a more considered (rather than sporadic) way will be the next stage of learning for me.
Now to practice patience and mindfulness… :wink:


I thought this mixed case was an appealing selection, with some wines I have already enjoyed, and some which will be new to me

A case of this, which I like a lot, on offer at the moment so a no brainer

And a few other bottles, including

And this, which I saw in the last AMA article with @mcropp, and it is one of the most popular wines, but which I haven’t seen anyone mention before, so it intrigued me

So some lovely wines to look forward to. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I could say I was collecting wine in a “considered” way - I think I have to admit it’s pretty random. I do enjoy looking at wines, tasting them, buying them but at the same time am always feeling under a slightly puritanical pressure not to drink too much. As a result my supply inevitably increases over time so I always buy wine thinking it will be with me for at least months, but more likely years!

On the plus side I could also survive quite a long siege!


favourite justification!

I might just have to steal that one for home :slight_smile: