What's in your basket [30 July]

Another week, another order - despite trying to keep the collection at a ‘sensible’ level…

Work took me to Stevenage today (I know - rock and roll, don’t be jealous!) and so my second showroom trip in a week. I noted that many of the bin ends had turned over. The CDR and Vacqueyras from last week had sold out but I noticed a couple of gems that I couldn’t leave on the shelf

I tried and enjoyed the 2017 after missing the TWS taste but believe the 2016 was loved even more by most and sold out in double quick time


And reading the GV thread left me in no doubt that I had to try this one


I also bought an Enomatic card when I spotted this little beauty

£85 a bottle so a rare chance to taste something beyond my normal price range - had to be worth a few quid for the expereince

It was a moody, brambly berry beast (and I mean beast at 14.5%!). The notes said chocolate and coffee which were noticeable when you looked for them. Very interesting, still very young and a very well made wine. Personally I’d want to keep it another 10 years but glad I tried it


Good to know about that RWT. Ive got a bottle as part of a mixed case in reserves. Was gonna leave it for a bit more, now I definitely will!


@NickP and @danchaq I would keep the RWT 15-20 years if you can resist.

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A couple of Burgundies going into reserves this week from the new tranche that has appeared on the site, as moving in the next week or so, so need to not increase the number of bottles at home!


Particularly if you’ve got the 2013 vintage.
2013 is a very structured vintage in South Aus which will reward cellaring. Not as highly rated as the 2012 which has a lot of lovely plush fruit and can probably be enjoyed more in their youth.
Think it would be interesting to do a side by side of the 2 vintages in 5-8 years of some of the top wines. 2013 may just come out on top…


Oddly, I find myself with lots of ‘everyday drinking’ type wines, which aren’t diminishing due to my temporary enforced abstinence. It’s a good thing I suppose, but there are actually lots of wines I’d like to buy and I’ve got an order waiting to go. I just can’t see myself ordering it for another couple of weeks at least, by which time some of this lot will almost certainly be out of stock:


Great stuff there, @Bargainbob! Though sorry to hear you are still unwell. Hope your work agreed to fund that MRI scan!!
I loved the Frappato, and the St Chinian is delicious too! I wonder what you’ll think about the Cup and Rings Godello - I didn’t get on with it (I thought it was a bit lacklustre)- but I had the 2015, so I wonder if the 2016 will prove to be a better one.
Get well soon! :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks @Inbar - I’ve been referred privately for physio first, but if that doesn’t help and the pain continues to get worse then I can get an MRI paid for through the company medical scheme. Really hoping the physio pays off - this is no fun at all!

I’ve had previous vintages of both the Frappato and St Chinian which were both excellent. That St Chinian is a ridiculous bargain - a possible candidate for the ‘Battle of the Bottles’ ultimate champion in my opinion. Sorry to hear you didn’t get on with the Godello - I haven’t tried this one before, but I must admit I didn’t think much of the Cup and Rings Mencia Bierzo when I tried it. Perhaps this is one of those rarities - a regular TWS producer that doesn’t quite deliver. As you say, maybe the 2016 will be a different beast!

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Hopefully so! I actually really like Godello as a varietal. I think it can be as good (and maybe even more complex?) as Albariño. Would be interesting to hear what you think of this specific one - once you’re able to drink again, of course!

I get the impression that Albarino is more capable of greatness at the top end, but I prefer cheaper Godellos to Albarinos at the same price. It’s a really underrated grape.

I am not sure I agree. To me Albariño is more reliably good, while Godello can be anything from okay to mind blowingly good. I have tasted some 2010 Godello (price matching quality for sure) this year that just left me speechless.


That’s my (very anecdotal, I must confess!) impression too. I suspect that Godello can age better; it strikes me as more layered. Not to say that good Albarino is one dimensional, but I found good Godello a bit weightier and more structured. I love Valdesil Sobre Lias - which my friends brought from Spain last year. Also really enjoyed the Telmo Rodriguez Gaba do Xil, which I don’t think the Society stocks anymore.

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This is an old favourite that I missed out on in the recent Rhône en primeur, but have just ordered a case to collect in France later this week…


Having just run out of 2015, they have given me the 2016 at 2015 prices - made my day! :smile:

Must’ve literally just been bottled, so will sit in the cellar for a few years yet. Patience is a virtue apparently… :grimacing:


Well it seems I have a lot more to do in terms of exploring Godello! I must admit I didn’t even realise it was a wine that could improve with age. Thanks @inbar and @szaki1974 :+1:


Went shopping this morning to spend a fortune on a pair of new running trainers and popped in to the handy Lidl to do some shopping and came across their Tour of Wine. Don’t mind if I do, I thought. So picked up these bottles

Lots of folk on this community raving about Jufark so thought it was about time to give it a try. The GV is from Domaine Wachau, which I think a good one. Two Tokajis, one dry and one sweet.


Seeing that haul, particularly the Juhfark, reminds that I bought a bottle of Zenit by that producer the day before my eldest was born. It was absolutely marvellous. I need to try and get my hands on some more of that.


I saw that GV in Lidl yesterday too and thought about the thread asking for recommendations so will be interested to hear your thoughts on both that and the Juhfark.

As for my basket this week, mine are from elsewhere as well. A bottle of Fino En Rama from Lustau for a picnic in Hyde Park this Friday (and see how it compares to Tio Pepe’s) plus a couple bottles of 2016 Cotes de Brouilly from Jean Claude Lapalu which is meant to be earlier drinking than the 2015s I’ve got stored.


After a big break from ordering, we’ve got some assorted goodies arriving tomorrow. Highlights include a six-pack of these…

…the new vintage of this, after finishing the last of the 2016s…

…a few of these, given how much I enjoyed the 2014…


[just in time, as it turns out]

…a few of these, because I got half a dozen 2016s en primeur and want a sneak preview of the style…

…and a couple of clarets, to continue my exploration of the Côtes:


Here are the highlights of my order.
I need an Aussie Shiraz and NZ SB hit
From recommendations I’m trying the Exhibition GV

Had this before and prefer this to Rioja at a similar price.


I got an email offer of an interesting wine that will definitely divide the audience, I know there are fans here though (@peterm)… I will order a bottle along with a late harvest Gewurztraminer… as it happens both from 2008