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What's in your basket? [30 Apr]



Nothing for me this week, but I love reading about other members’ vinous adventures!


My basket is about is burst :see_no_evil:!! Most will have to be relegated to the “wish list” as I’ve an order due on Thursday and I’ve just received a 30+ order from elsewhere :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::grimacing:


For the most part, an eclectic range of whites… They’ve been there for a while, so I can’t remember why particularly I decided I wanted some of them, but I presume they were community recommendations!

Also, because I have not quite enough self-control to resist, but enough to restrict myself to a half:


My wine wardrobe is now full so there is nowt in my basket :frowning:
I have barely space to withdraw from reserves so my purchases will have to stall for a few months.


It is difficult isn’t it… I fell for this one…

The gems that keep coming up… this is also a half bottle BTW


I have loads of 2009 claret in reserves but just assumed I wouldn’t be touching for years. Seen a few posts here about them drinking nicely so might have to sneak a mixed case out to try!


I’ve had a 2009 Belgrave and a Cantemerle recently that were both drinking really well, so I’d give it a go if I were you.


I couldn’t resist ordering this, given all the praise it has been receiving recently, I didn’t want it to sell out before I had tried it:

And a few other bottles too, including

And in anticipation of some warmer weather

And a few others too!


Nothing in our basket for the next couple of weeks - been spending so much recently, mostly TWS- but also from local shops; though hubby did order some old favourites from Majestic ‘just in case’…
I’m hoping to order a TWS mixed case by the end of the month, though. There’s so much stuff I want to try!!! :star_struck:


This is the problem isn’t ? Before you know it, the price of your basket could purchase an old car based entirely on the community recommendations :persevere:. I’ll keep doing the lottery :smile:


Indeed! Could have sent my daughter to Roedean… (as if!)… :wink:


@Inbar, I had to google that… those fees would pay for a lot of wine…:wink:


Oh, sorry… maybe it’s a Brighton thing :wink: Princess Anne went there, apparently. And I bet she drinks lots of expensive wine!!


Will be getting a bottle of the Tio Pepe en Rama as its just been released:



Because I love Bulgarian wines (and this has just been added to the list) and I have got to know this winery, but don’t know this particular wine. I have very high hopes for it!


Well it’s now in my basket too :woman_facepalming:t3:


Oh no @M1tch how long does this generally stay in stock as I have ordered too much on recommendations recently. No more room in the inn I’m afraid :scream:


sold out very quickly last year I recall


Put in an order for delivery in 2 months time… you can always revisit it.


Thanks @szaki1974
I might just do that :+1: