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What's in your basket? [28 May]



It keeps threatening to rain here but the sun is still beating down, I might run out of Rosé at this rate - perhaps I should order some more…

What will you be ordering this week?


Someone in the warehouse obviously thought I should be drinking more rosé as I received two bottles of Society Rosé instead of the two Muscadet I ordered … nice idea, but I think I prefer my choice!



We should be having the 2010 Musar come through this week. Look forward to trying it. One for now, three for the cellar.


Not bought from TWS - but purchased today in memory of Serge Dassault, who passed away yesterday at 93 in his office! The winery was bought and given it’s current name by his Father in the 50s. Not necessarily the best vintage, but had somewhat limited options for buying a single bottle with quick UK delivery!


I’ve gone for a half-dozen of the Hambledon on the current offer. Couldn’t resist - eldest daughter will be flying in from Australia for a visit soon with grandson.

plus some of those new Riojas.


So unexpectedly two bottles of white Burgundy made their way to my basket… along with a case of a beer that I have tried before and am very happy to see stocked by the Society at 60% of the price from the other merchant… It is a very good tasting beer at 3% ABV, which is a rarity in my opinion.


Gosh, yes. That and the infernally omnipresent citric-flavoured hops.


Along with half a dozen sub-£7ers, I’ve finally bagged me a box of this:

It will have pride of place on the countertop of the BARZEBO.


Ok fine, I’ll have some too :roll_eyes:


If @szaki1974 was on commission, he would do well! A few have gone in the basket and will be on the step on Friday along with the Boizel that was on offer recently. I also couldn’t resist this.
I don’t normally stray from the Cotes de Provence for my rose but I do like the Plantagenet wines for easy drinking and not seen this one before. Here’s hoping for another roasting weekend and I’ll turn on the cicada music.


Keeping with the spirit of the Society I do not benefit… I am such an altruist. I also liked the look of that Loire rose, but a line should now been drawn … till August.


Sadly I was too impatient for my rosé and got the alternative mixed case with this particular wine swapped out. Interested to hear how it is!


I am (or rather my basket is) quite South Africa-heavy this month:
Warwick Estate Cab Franc
Botanica Mary Delany Chenin
Raats Chenin


A couple of bottles of @szaki1974 's Burgundy! I think I’ll probably hate it but want to give it to some people blind to see if they guess it for a Burg…


My 6 have arrived in difficult packaging!

None of them needed, mind, but the FOMO was strong.

Jurancon Geyser Domaine Cauhape 2016 (strongly recommended by the Community)

Marc de Chateauneuf-du-Pape Chateau Mont-Redon, Abeille et Fabre (favourite, now bin end, thank you @szaki1974 for the alert)

Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Reserva Rioja 2005 (unable to resist the printed offer once compounded by discussions here and I’m sure @ricard is responsible somehow too)

Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Hunter Valley Semillon 2011 (pretty much told I needed to try this by @robert_mcintosh then backed up by a mention in The World Atlas of Wine)

Taylor’s 1985 (treat to myself for something work-related, recommended by Jancis Robinson as being a good purchase and a point now, and hedging my concern around the 2016 Port I may or may not get to…)

This is not my normal basket I’d like to quickly add! I’ve not made it through April’s ‘house wine’ allocation so I’ve got a few nice bottles in lieu of topping up the everyday wine rack. :slight_smile:


Funnily enough I had a bottle of the Delany Botanica chenin blanc in my order a couple of weeks ago though haven’t tried it yet. And I put a couple of bottles of “that” St. Aubin 2009 in the order due on Monday. The latter is now out of stock by the way, should anyone be tempted - you’re too late. :disappointed_relieved:

Quite a few of those new Riojas to try too when it arrives.




Well, that certainly goes some way to explain why!


I hope next time they will offer it EP style…



To be honest, I think it was just a bin end and they didn’t have much of it. Similar odds and ends pop up on the list from time to time. You have to keep your eyes peeled.

I suspect that at this level, an EP type process would be administratively-heavy, and that would get reflected in the price of the wine. Disproportionate for a wine at this sort of price.


That was just a joke, sorry. Not a very good one.