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What's in your basket? [26 Mar]



I have to resist this week. Despite getting paid on Friday, my Rhone EP order has caught up with me, and the Burgundy is not far behind :no_mouth:

What goodies await those with better budgeting skills?


My basket is very simple at the moment: Lanson '08.


Maybe not this week, but the next order will be to top up the magnums - I always like to have a few around, to feed my delusion that we entertain guests more often than we actually do.


And to tell the Dr that it’s only a bottle of wine every few days…


But it still fools them, right…? Right?


When I worked in out back Oz many moons ago, the alcohol intake was counted in single figures… a slab of beer (24x375ml bottles) a cask of wine (4litres), a 1l bottle of spirits… all about 45-50 units
Dr; “how much alcohol do you drink a day?”
Patient; “only 3 a day”
So, @Herbster, yeah, still fools ‘em… :crazy_face:


Ha ha! Well, it’s good to know that there’s always someone more brazen…


I’ve already made a couple of orders recently but I need to have wine for a week of self-catering later in the Easter break … so it is an excuse to buy a few things to experiment with. I will definitely be adding some of this (see @leah’s comments on it from the Press tasting too):


2009 Leuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay
This is my annual special treat. It’s not been on the site for a few years and it popped back up last week. I have just ordered a bottle and it has now disappeared from the website. I hope it arrives!
I used to live in Western Australia and fell in love with this wine in 1999.
It’s probably my favourite white wine :ok_hand:


Madame … Chateau de Pitray 2009 … very good


6 x Vina Sanzo Rueda Verdejo 2016
Las Piletas Santa Rosa Bonarda 2017
Bodegas Murua Aclys Crianza, Rioja 2014
Saint-Chinian, Domaine Raynier 2016

And I’ve got space left for 3 more sub-£10 reds. I fancy trying something new. Any recommendations?


I recently enjoyed this one…

Very dark inky purple wine with cassis and cedar notes straight out of the bottle, develops into herbal/peppery aromas and softens over time. Full bodied, with good fruit character and some complexity. I have to say it’s great value at <£9.


Also good…

and 95p over budget, but one of my “go to” wines…


Thanks for the tips @Alchemist!
I tried a previous vintage of the Warner’s Corner a while back and was slightly non-plussed, but quite frankly I might have just been having an off day, or a less good bottle. Definitely time for another go! And I think I’ll give the Vacqueyras a go too. I will leave the Malbec, however - this might be the bottle that changes my mind, but I just haven’t been able to get into new world Malbec at all. I will wishlist it and maybe revisit it in future!


Some sub-£10 wines I’ve tried and liked:

(not necessarily those vintages though…)


Some good options here - I’m fairly familiar with the excellent Salvaje del Moncayo, Society Chilean Merlot and Rioja. Chateau Ksara will do nicely! I had a bottle of that a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggestions @tom!


Thanks to @Leah and @woodap this is my basket now:

for delivery

2 * Jurançon, Geyser, Domaine Cauhapé 2016
2 * Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2014
2 * Rainer Wess Grüner Veltliner, Wachau 2017

I started a trial of ordering two bottles of one wine to save some of the disappointment of wines running out… I would still not do it with complete stabs in the dark (ie not community highlighted…)

for laying down

6 * Thymiopoulos Terra Olympus Rapsani 2015


Considering how tiny the Coonawarra area is its amazing value, have you tried the main Leconfield wine?


Was in the showroom earlier today grabbing the wines for tomorrow’s #TWStaste and inevitably left with these as well


@M1tch I haven’t but would be tempted to do so. Alas, I can’t see it on the TWS website - have you stocked it previously?