What's in your basket? [25 Jun]

Hi All

As it’s pay day, it’s sunny and well, I needed to stock up on everyday bottles I thought I’d kick this week’s thread off. I popped in some from the press tasting and a few that have been on the wish list for a while.

It’s hot, so very white heavy with a couple of red recommendations from @Taffy-on-Tour and @Ewan

Very excited about the 3 choirs - I couldn’t believe the full flavour from an english white + the muscadet, of which the last time I bought a bottle of even cheapo Muscadet it must’ve been 10+ years ago.

I hope you’re all going to list some real wine lollipops to cool off with! :slight_smile:


Some great choices there, @Nowt_in_my_glass! I second your thoughts on the Three Choirs- it was one of my favourite whites from the press tastings.

I placed a very small order, seeing as we’re bursting at the seams currently with more wine than space to store it! But got the two bottles for the next virtual tastings plus a few others that caught my eye (including the Three Choirs and the Muscadet):

We’ll be heading to Stevenage for the society lunch on the 5th of July, so will pick it up then. Really looking forward to seeing the cellar and the showroom… feels like a trip to Vallhalla (sans the violence) :wink:


Oooo the Frappato looks interesting @Inbar especially served cellar cool…be a nice one to have late afternoon in the sunshine!

Plus, any Ripasso added to an order makes it that extra bit special! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I had my eye on the Frappato, and @Ewan recommended it too. I love Sicilian wines- both red and white- so I think we’re going to enjoy this one!
The Ripasso is for the virtual tasting in July. We had it very recently and absolutely loved it. It’s a serious value for money red, in my opinion! :clinking_glasses:

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Current basket looks like this. We have way too much wine but always want more!! Would have placed this order by now but a large vets bill has taken money and attention elsewhere - will get round to it in the next week or so!


I actually just taken delivery of some goodies from Le Grappin (albeit last week)… so nothing in the basket still. 2016 Burgundy mixed case straight to storage, while 2017 Aligote and 2016 CdR Grenache as well as Bagnums © of Cinsaut Rose and Macon white… yum.

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This community has a lot to answer for!


After Friday’s delivery, I have nothing to put in the basket for I fear I moved Stevenage East. Still, enjoying that Duo des Plages rosé with a cloudless sky and 26oC.


Placed this order a week or so ago and then found that I need to order 2 MORE bottles if I want (and I do) to join in the virtual tasting next month… Ho hum… At least it’s not coming until July 10th, leaving me 2 weeks to make some room somewhere…

A lot of these were YOUR recommendations - that’s what I’ll be telling the bank manager anyway… I’ve had the Ignacio Recabarren PN before and it’s truly delicious.


This Soave going to be the highlight of my next order.
Also ordering some Northern Monk beers including the Patrimonie and the the two wines for #twstaste


This is wonderful @JReed… let me know what you think . (The Soave)

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Will do. I am a big fan of their range. Just need to find an excuse to drink a magnum

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This board and ergo the membership never fail to amaze me at the diversity of palates that we collectively possess.
For years, I have mused “who would buy THAT?” or “why would one buy that?!” or indeed “what’s that!” lol!
But seeing lists posted by members, many of my questions have been answered.
I have tasted many and decided which ones offer my palate the greatest reward.
But there is no such thing as right or wrong, just different; and might I say that we as a group are unbelievably fortunate to belong to an organisation that caters for those at the “A” end of the spectrum and those at the “Z” end; not forgetting the “M & N’s”
I will take you a small wager, that those in 1874 could have had absolutely no idea what they were starting, For them and to Edmund Penning-Rowsell for his forward planning in 1965, my gratitude is boundless!!


That Uvaggio looks REALLY interesting! I’ve had it on the wishlist for a while, I’d be highly intrigued to hear your thoughts on it. Your whole order in fact looks like something I might cut and paste next month!

@JReed, I’ll let you know when I’m next in Aberdoom…:joy:

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I can’t take any credit for the list - I think it’s pretty much a selection from the community’s recommendations! Yes, the Uvaggio does look good and while it would be better after a few years, I want to try it so that I can order a case if, as hoped, it hits the spot. Decide and order soon - it’s on the reduced for quick sale list!

I’m excited by the possibilities of the Mas Gabriel, Clos des Papillons - looks like an interesting dry white alternative to the usual suspects.

I’ll let you know my thoughts next month when it arrives!


@Nowt_in_my_glass Well, the Uvaggio was opened yesterday and it’s drinking very nicely. The colour is starting to err on the brick red side and it’s light as per a Burgundy. With some oxygen, it has become very smooth and the tannin is barely noticeable - well integrated - but there’s enough acidity to keep it interesting. It has a nice nose, but not as enticing as I’d hoped. There’s some leather , a little vanilla and some red fruit with a disappointingly short length.

For the price, it’s a good wine, but not a ‘wow’ wine. I much more enjoyed the Ghemme which had more of the aromas I’m interested in; hope that helps!?

I missed the Jaboulet Maison Bleue Hermitage 2015 as it was listed on the 2015 EP offer as Petite Chapelle. This cuvee was always inferior, or young vines production or wine that did not reflect the vintage character. Still good wine, a bit like Forts de Latour instead of the Grand Vin - Latour itself. In this case Petite Chapelle was the 2nd wine of the Grand Vin, La Chapelle.
But in 2015, that policy changed and Maison Bleue is the wine from the Eastern Vineyards of the hill, so a predominately geographical argument rather than one borne of quality, and made in a more approachable style.
So this is the first iteration of a new cuvee from a great year.
I bought the 2016 and I have just squirrelled away the 2015 today.
Ok, not cheap but £44 per bottle all in when you come to drink it in a decade will seem like a relative bargain!
I took the pain today because it was about 29% of that fabled Chave Hermitage 2015 that members might have bought it for or 9% of the current price but not “that” far behind it.
Note Vinous scored the Chave '15 97/100 and the Maison Bleue '15 - 95.
Jeb Dunnuck; the Chave '15 98-100/100 and the MB - 96/100.
In my little Welsh World, that seems like a bargain to me:
Maison Bleue '15 - £44/bottle here
Chave Hermitage '15 on Fine & Rare at £498/bottle
That’s me done on the subject except to say, if you missed out on the Chave, the Maison Bleue is a more than decent enough alternative, especially if you consider the considerable price disparity.


Great tasting note @VinoVeritas you’re saying all the right things…I haven’t got any of this but do have a Ghemme to open! Food for thought there - Be intersting to see a few more £10-15 nebbiolo bottles from TWS where possible. Not sure what the northern italian version of a burgundy-villages is but i think it’s go down well.

I had a Nero de Troia on saturday and it was all but undrinkable! Huge fruit bomb with loads of alcohol, little acidity and was completely unbalanced. I had one glass and put the rest in a stew the yesterday.

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Had this one recently. Top end of your suggested range but was lovely and still good value for money…

And whilst not Italian, I drank a bottle of this over the weekend and was very impressed. Very similar to Nebbiolo in many respects, but at a slightly cheaper price point…