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What's in your basket? [23 Apr]



Early start for me as I sit in Heathrow en route to Rwanda. So no basket for me, and we shall see what and whether I have any wines this week, or just the usual duty free whiskey to get me through a stressful work event :smiley:

Well, I say no basket, but in between the long days this community has a way of tempting you… so, what’s on the list this week?! English wines perhaps in honour of St George?


Or possibly Georgian wines in his honour! :wink:


There was an episode of the Wine Show that had an interesting segment on Georgian wine production. I recall an ageing / storage technique involving large clay vessels sunk into the ground.


Or indeed Maltese, Portuguese, Serbian…


Our order yesterday included 7 bottles of Fino sherry (6 society and 1 La Ina), the two wines for the next community wine tasting and a few from from my ever growing wish list thanks to the community including


After this year’s flurry of orders and en primeur shenanigans, I was gonna skip a month, but I want to see if I can join in the virtual tasting next week, so gosh darn it I just had to make up a case.

Thanks to this thread, I’m finally getting a bottle of:

Among other things, a couple of bottles of this thanks to community recommendations:

Meanwhile, this one caught my eye:

Oh, and I’m also going to try the Thymiopoulos reds, as they sound right up my street.

[PS: the links are showing the wines here as unavailable but at the time of posting, they are!]


I’ve fixed the links - if you grab the link from your ‘My Wines’ page, it gives you a particular version of the page that this site think is the Out of Stock version - so prices don’t get shown. The easy fix is to remove the word ‘Historic’ from the URL - this is something that will require a technical / programming fix in due course - sorry!


Thanks @robert_mcintosh, good to know! And thanks for the heads up on that Portuguese a few weeks ago!


After 4 days of back to back french wine i couldn’t touch another drop!

So i have opted for 3 italian stallions as i have a decent amount of everyday bottles in the rack. I’m very keen to expose the gf to nebbiolo as she’s not tried any + i haven’t had any in a while

And just because i love amarone (which she also hasn’t tried)


So coming next week are some Domaine Chave st Joseph 2014. It appeared on the website yesterday but you had to be quick all gone now.


Ahhh, I love Amarone… Nothing quite like it for making time stand still :heart_eyes:


It is one of those wines which EVERYBODY finds delicious :blush:


Not a virtual basket this time, but look what I found in Tesco yesterday:

16 quid. Definitely wasn’t on the shelf last time I was there.

Probably a bit over the hill but gotta be worth a punt, just in case :game_die:

Weekend Drinking Thread [27 April 2018]

I don’t think 2004 was particularly well rated, but I recall quite a few 2004 Medocs (cru bourgeois and the like) that I really enjoyed. If in doubt, I’d go for it…


Yeah, I think ‘classic’ was the euphemism to describe 2004, but I’ve had some good 'uns at that level.

Funny how these bottles turn up in supermarkets every now and then. I’m no industry expert, but surely there’s no way Tesco would hold on to dead stock for 10+ years, so it must have fallen off the back of a négociant’s lorry last month or something. Yields were quite high in 2004 if I remember correctly, so maybe some batches were held back.

Anyway, it’s not suspiciously dusty, the level’s fine … only one thing for it. And as long as it doesn’t taste like I’m chewing on a conifer, it’s a winner :+1:


:rofl: Must remember that one!


This wine wants to go in my basket… mourvedre, carinena… I suspect it’s good. Anyone tried?


When the breadth of choice and strong recommendations mean you can only yield and hope there are enough days left to try them all.
Just pressing the right buttons now so they wing their way over.


It is very good - needs a few more years imho. Cristobal at Koyle typically picks his grapes just as they hit ripeness and so they’re typically crunchy and fresh and often need a little bit of time to soften out. I remember this being a bit of a barnstormer about a year ago so another two to level out will do it good. Serious kit, though.


If it wants to, then who are you to stop it?