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What's in your basket? [2 July]



Pay day’s been and gone, and I’m finding myself lacking in white wine. It must be summer. Consequently this order is a little heavier on the whites than usual. I’m trying a few wine champions that I haven’t had before, along with the bottles for the next #twstaste and a couple of other bits and pieces. I’m particularly looking forward to that Muscadet.

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Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Chardonnay 2016 Code: NZ9571
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.95 £9.95
Les Pierres Bordes Marsanne-Viognier 2017 Code: WO - FC34681
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.25 £6.25
Palladium Garganega Veneto 2016 Code: IT22711
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.75 £6.75
Château de Lacarelle, Beaujolais-Villages 2017 Code: SR - BJ7561
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £7.75 £7.75
Raats Original Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch 2017 Code: WO - SA13451
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £9.50
Bodegas Murua Aclys Crianza, Rioja 2014 Code: WO - SP12961
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.95 £9.95
Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil, Château Marie du Fou 2017 Code: WO - LO13911
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.75 £9.75
Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2016 Code: WO - RH47051
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie, Château L’Oiselinière de la Ramée, Chéreau-Carré 2015 Code: WO - LO13741
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Rosé Duo des Plages, Vin de France 2017 Code: WO - FC33861
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.75 £6.75
The Society’s Valpolicella Ripasso 2015 Code: IT23021
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £10.50 £10.50
The Society’s Grüner Veltliner 2017 Code: AA2161
In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25


Good selection, @Bargainbob! :yum:
Nothing in the basket per se, but got a few bottles awaiting collection from Stevenage. One of them is the Muscadet, and like you- I’m really looking forward to trying it! Sounds just up my street.
Picked up three bottles from Majestic and Aldi as well last week, as we were in Lewes shopping… An interesting Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc:
A Catena Malbec, and an intriguing sounding Sauvignon Gris from Chile:
From Aldi, we got a Zinfandel which we had before (a bit of a fruit monster, but we did enjoy it with pasta, so thought we’d give it a go again):
And a Pinot Gris from NZ:
I think that’s more than enough… (or so my husband says!!) :wink:


@Taffy-on-Tour convinced me to shove this away for the future. Bit above my usual price point but worth it!


I had some credit after the claret VCP allocation, which was nice. I really enjoyed the Saint Chinian offerings earlier in the year, and a few community recommendations.
Looking forward to trying the Blanc de Noirs.



Well done. I think it is money well spent as a new cuvee and from a vintage that will just possibly rival 1990 and 1961.
But I would say that as I also bought it.
Maybe one to look out for in a few years is “the Society’s Exhibition Hermitage 2015!”
We’ve had the 2005/07/10 over the last few years and they have been terrific!


Would be interested to hear how this is! Nice order :grin:


Looked at the 2015 Rhone and blinked. Plenty set aside already and everyone I enjoy sharing wine with is diffident at best about old fashioned Syrah - so why buy tons. Just picked up a case of the Tourelles cinsault instead - fills a gap in the cellar, great value and a talking point to boot.


Currently eyeing off some of the Mas de Gaumas Gassac while it’s still around, along with some of the bin ends. Don’t really have the room for any more but don’t want to miss out.

My basket tends to be filled with the ghosts of missed bottles because they all get snapped up within a day or two.

Was going to grab some of the GB Burlotto Monvigliero Barolo 2014 but it did not last long at all. Not surprising as next cheapest price online was double the TWS price, with lots of others at 3-4x the price.

I was chatting with a guy who ran a wine shop the other day, seems that it’s pretty common place to scan TWS for bargains to re-sell, especially when it comes to cellar releases or where TWS has a decent allocation of a ‘cult’ wine. Which absolutely sucks.

Save one or two for me, please. I can’t buy cases on a whim.


That’s pretty shitty. Surprised if that’s the case TWS don’t do more about it, it seems against their terms. Or maybe they do?


Yeah, I don’t know how true this actually is, though people were definitely suggesting it in the Chave Hermitage thread.

Was there a 2015 Rhone email? I saw various new bottles of northern rhone appear on a random search this week but they all vanished from my basket just as promptly. :frowning:


No email just a bunch of stuff released and then out of stock in a very short period of time. Most of it well ahead of drinking window.

Could someone please explain why this keeps happening? Unimpressed if it’s all on seckfords again in a week.


Ah ok, I assumed there must have been one as it was snapped up so quickly, and it never appeared in the new wines section (a continual bugbear, as so many new wines never do).


Hi Adam (and others asking about this) - I just wanted to clarify that this is completely against the rules of membership so in any case where we discover wine is being bought with the intention of reselling at a profit we do try to take appropriate action.

Sorry about this - if we have tiny stocks of a wine and are trying to clear room in the warehouse it often gets listed online. Stocks are frequently so very small it would be impossible to send an email about it because it would disappoint far more people than it would help.

I’m not sure about the Rhone wines mentioned, but they may have been part of the warehouse clearance we announced last week. There’s still lots of wines left here (albeit not much 2015 Rhone):

Sorry if you’ve been disappointed again. :frowning: I’d love to be able to say that we could email everyone every time we list wines like these for sale, but it’s just not practical for many of the reasons we discussed in the Chave topic. We continue to try to be as fair as possible and are constantly looking at ways to improve the services we offer - rest assured this has been noted.