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What's in your basket? [18 June]



I’m imagining a flurry of TWSTaste wines being ordered this week, especially the Rosé??

For my part I’ve closed my eyes and gone for the 2016 Port halves. It was the year I got married after all, so I should have some anniversary wines for later…

I can only hope 2018 is as good to get something for the baby :slight_smile:


Keeping it lean this summer with wine purchases I’m afraid, especially as I’ve just bought a small beer/wine fridge to go with the barzebo and - long overdue - a new batter head for the bass drum.

The Côtes-du-Rhône Megabox will have to keep us ticking over a bit longer. It served us well on Saturday: by the end of the night it was, like, the bestest wine ever, man.


Well, it’s not going to stock itself… :smiley:


Nothing in our basket until next month at the earliest. Our cup runneth over at the moment! On Saturday I bought three bottles from a local wine cellar, and that was the straw that broke the rack’s back. We’ll be concentrating on actually drinking the lovely bottles we got, before we re-stock.
Having said that, knowing us (or me, to be more accurate!) it won’t be long before another order takes shape. July, perchance…? :blush:


I did have the Domaine Tempier Rose in my cart, didn’t last long. Is it coming back? Really, really need some sort of indication of stock levels on the site.


Nothing for me this week… well nothing unless you count 6 halves of Port 2016… :heart_eyes:


An most excellent maxim. Got to keep those 5-a-day targets in sight.


And all this wine won’t drink itself, now, would it?.. :wink:


You all know a new fine wine list is coming out today… :roll_eyes:


Aw crap… …


It can already be found if you can guess the super secret URL. :wink:


Now live on the TWS site…


I have no idea if TWS have more coming, but I’d be surprised if they did, because all the other merchants I know get it on very limited allocation (and charge significantly more than TWS, between £24-£30 per bottle as far as I can see).

Magnums (well one magnum each) still showing as available, at a fair price if that helps?


I really did not want anything in my basket… but a few offers showed up including the fine wine list and here you go…


@szaki1974 the Mas de Daumas Gassac, Domaine Ogier La Rosine and Aligote all caught my eye as well; so many temptations!!

I picked up some of the Domaine Ogier Syrah in the recent Rhone 2016 en primeur and may well prioritize that one first as i’d like a sneak preview of an earlier vintage.

Port first though… :smile:


Collecting a bottle of Haider Grüner Veltliner Eiswein, 2011 this evening, from one of my favourite local shops. One thing in the basket, then - and boy! am I waiting to try it… :heart_eyes:



Damn those enomatic machines!! :grimacing:

Popped in to the showroom today to pick up a slightly belated father’s day gift and came away with these two after tasting both…

A very elegant and refined Nebbiolo; a palate of redcurrant, raspberry and strawberry flavours with just enough well integrated acidity and fine tannins to balance it all out. Not at all overpowering despite the 14.5% alc, I would have guessed less.

This was a rich, full bodied chardonnay but without being over the top. The length on the finish was excellent. Not particularly cheap for SA Chardonnay, but very good value for the money.

Will drink one with my dad this week and give him the other as a gift - decisions, decisions!


By the way - that many competition labels on a bottle is normally a “steer clear” warning for me, but these are well deserved!

Anyone seen a bottle with more prizes stuck on it?!?


I’ve been looking at this today and popped it in my basket for whenever I put through another order, which might be a while as there was a LOT of wine delivered last week :rofl:. It sounds right up my street. Let me know what you think of it.:wink:


The only thing more decorated is (was) Idi Amin’s chest.