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What's in your basket [16 July 2018]



This is your weekly shop category for this sunny summer week. I just started this thread as I saw some tempting new offers on the TWS website.

Spain and Portugal whites
Aussie bargains
Posh Pinks

What caught my eye and made it to my reserves basket is this:

With a rather handsome discount on a case of six… it also drinks to 2021!


This one from the same offer has me interested


I’ve just got my mid-price-kiwi-pinot fix with a few Martinborough Te Teras and a Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg

These were to make a case up to 6 at Majestic in order to justify a 2003 Musar (see related thread - I finally got round to it!) and a nice St Clair Chardonnay

I prefer not to stray to the Dark Side but Majestic keep sending me £30 vouchers if I spend £100 which makes some of these wines quite incredible value for money


And I thought I was the only one! :wink:
To top the aforementioned vouchers, I also got one via the National Trust- a Majestic ‘introduction’ to members. It was put to good use!


I must be doing something wrong - I seem to only get £10 vouchers!

Incidentally, as an Amex cardholder I saw a bunch of offers recently for Laithwaites, Virgin and Naked. Seemingly very generous 50% off when you buy a case type offers. Having looked at the wines I still think they’d be overpriced.


I’ve seen those in my Amex offers. And as introductory offers. And offers on the tube, on Facebook, in the papers…

I’m firmly of the opinion that a half price case might represent fair (but not great) value but once you go to full price you’ll be paying well over the odds

Plus, I have more than enough wines I want to try without having a corporation choose more for me based on a cheap job lot and a healthy margin :slight_smile:


Indeed. The so-called RRPs in these offers are silly. I went for a half-price (or thereabouts) case from another operator a couple of years ago, partly because I needed to trade down for a month or two and partly because they threw in a pair of entry-level Riedel glasses and I thought they looked nice. They’re good enough glasses for sure but the wine, dear me. I remember there was a basic Cahors in the case which was really rather good, and one or two others which were okay I guess (but nowhere near the £10 they claimed to be), but the rest were proper wine-lake blah. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what was coming, but the brazen dishonesty still left me rolling my eyes.

Cheap wines are cheap wines and that’s fine, there’s a place in the world for them, but don’t pretend they’re posher than they are. I mean, isn’t it in the interests of these businesses to make people want to trade up…? Instead, they’ll try the introductory super-deal and think, “huh, this £10 wine isn’t any better than the £5 critter wine I can grab from the shelf while doing the weekly shop, so what’s the point…”

Oh well, I guess it works as a business model somehow, because there are plenty of them about…


I’ve had some awful stuff from Laithwaites. Gut rotting ethanolised ribena with a snazzy label, only sold by them under their own brand or various wine clubs they run. I note they have a competent but uninspired fine wine and EP operation as well, mainly I think in support of their tie-up with the Sunday Times.

Majestic is interesting, what’s in store is generally uninspired but their internet range can be good, clearly benefitting from the L&W tie up. The case that contained the mega-tannic barbaresco also contained an Etna Rosso, a white burgundy and a Clare Valley Riesling, all critically well regarded and reasonably priced if you buy 6 bottles, averaging about £14 a bottle which is pretty reasonable.


Couldn’t resist picking up some of these this week. I bought the 2016 EP so hoping this will be a taste of what’s to come - and a useful 2015 v 2016 compare and contrast opportunity in the future.

I have to confess a soft spot for magnums generally. Larger formats are generally harder to find so EP is usually the best, and sometimes the only, opportunity to buy them… My big hope? La Crau De Ma Mere 2017 in magnum. Any chance TWS/Marcel?