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What's in your basket? [16 Apr]



Although I was sorely tempted by the Chablis offer in the Fine Wine list, I decided instead to plump for some beaujolais, as I haven’t had any in a while. Also hoping to join in the next twstaste, so:

all arriving this week.

That Chablis case though…


It’s gone in the basket and then it’s going in the cellar. Nineteen other 6 bottle cases expected when the Burgundy EP turns up so negotiations with neighbour who has the cellar due to open.
Received a few bottles from off the beaten track at the weekend and tasted this, well, actually, polished it off. Delish.


:open_mouth: :clinking_glasses:


April is a joy when the EP start rolling in and when you’ve used up your freebie storage on Vintage Cellar Plan so you decide to call them all home and settle them in🥂.


I’ve just taken delivery of a very nice selection of vinous treats.
I’ve stocked up with 6 of the Vina Sanzo Verdejo, and 1 each of the following:
Terres Dorees Beaujolais L’Ancien
Exhibition Limari Chardonnay
Exhibition Colchagua Carmenere
Chateau Ksara Reserve du Couvent
Exhibition Vacqueyras
Saint Chinian Domaine Raynier
Bodegas Murua Aclys Rioja Crianza
Las Piletas Bonarda
Chateau de Barbanau Blanc

Apart from the Verdejo and the Saint Chinian, I haven’t tried any of these before. Lots of stuff here I’m excited about!


I will be interested to here about the Bonarda especially… it got on my wish list after the discussion on single varietal wines tried…


@szaki1974 @Bargainbob - That bonarda is BEAUT. :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to hear what you think but I absolutely loved it.


Let me know what the chateau Barbanau is like, unfortunately mine was “off” and I didn’t re-order it…


I will keep you posted!


Sadly (for my wallet) I was unable to resist the Chablis case…


Got in last night - just one bottle left in the touchable section of the wine rack (I know, I know!) and it’s this …

Not for the first time, I was totally blown away by it. I think you’d be very hard pushed to find a wine in the UK currently offering better value for money than this.


I need to stop coming on this forum…my wishlist would currently bankrupt a small country!


I’m a big fan of this - we’ve got one bottle of the 2013 left. Haven’t tried the 2014 yet, but it’s only a matter of time…


This looks like another candidate for TWS BiB range…


I remember tasting this at the press tasting recently and was very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t include it in the write-up as I was trying to keep it to 10 wines and too many good ones, but will definitely be buying it myself


Like @tom I have the vintage Beaujolais case and the two TWSTaste wines in the basket, and may well round it up to 12 with the Society Sicilian red (x2) and Alicante Bouschet (x2).

Like I need more wine right now… !


My basket has two bottles of this this week for delivery…


In search of Burgundian Pinot Noir