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What's in your basket? [14 May]



Had my first nct class this weekend and coming the the realisation that I may need to rely a lot more on what’s in my reserves in the coming months. However it’s mostly red and my racks display a shameful lack of fun whites and rosés for the summer. Wondering if I can sneak a case or two in while we’re still dinks.


I decided to ‘splash out’ a little- but only a little… got 4 wines awaiting delivery - three were on my waiting list for a while and one (the Schlumberger) I’m really curious about, as I love their Gewrutz and Pinot Gris.

… But of all of these, it’s the Arbin and the Gewurtz I’m most looking forward to! :star_struck:


We have very similar tastes @Inbar :wink:
@tom, Congratulations on the first terrifying NCT class completion. To be a cynic, it doesn’t prepare you in the slightest :sweat_smile:. Get the numbers of the other parents to be and make for the door.
If you haven’t seen this Dáire O’ Briain clip on NCT, you must, its hilarious.
My basket at the moment has a lot of summer friendly whites and rosé.


I needed to get my dad some whisky and he requested a good blended so i trumped for this…

Naturally i also took the opportunity to clear some of the wishlist with some good everyday drinking bottles with recommendations I’ve seen in the community plus a couple of exploration bottles from going through italy and spanish regions in JRs wine atlas


Let us know how the Cannonau is! I am yet to find good example of it. Had some excellent ones in Sardinia, but not much luck in the UK… I’d be interested to know if this one is a good one and worth a purchase. :slight_smile:


I have these arriving this week…


and also this


Wow some big reds there…love to hear how the oz italian blend is. I couldn’t believe how big the dogliani was…sadly it was opened without much time for decanting as i reckon it needs some time open indeed before drinking


I’m about as well stocked for ‘drinking’ wines as I’ve ever been at the moment, so no order in progress currently. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself…

The last order was a nice one though - 3 Exhibition Limari Chardonnays and this little bundle:

The Uvaggio was a gift for a friend, and the Vajra went at the weekend, but lots of other nice things I’m excited about!


The Nerofino is a favourite! As is the Jurancon, which is certainly one of the best whites I drank recently! Good choices there :+1:


I can’t deny that the Community was a significant factor in getting both of those!


What’s the one with <…ACLYS…> in the name?


Really nice, easy drinking Rioja. I’ve had it before and probably enjoyed it more than the Urbina :+1:t3:


Just starting one of our two AFFs (alcohol free fortnight) of the year :grimacing: so nothing in the basket other than San Miguel 0% beer as not keen on 0% wines.

When we are back on the wine we need to get stuck into 2005 Ch Cossack (as spell checker likes to call Cissac) as it is approaching the end of its drinking window according to the website.


At the end of the bottle you have to do the dance. It’s the rule.


In training already …


Love to know what you think of the Gewurz - it has two reviews and the positive one is mine; the first review seemed very negative and perhaps a first time wine for them? I thought it was delicious!


Yikes! I can’t believe that one star review! :grimacing: I find it difficult to believe a wine of this quality (at least in theory) can reach such level of awfulness… Even permitting dislike or unfamiliarity with the grape. I wonder even if it was faulty…?
In any case, can’t wait to try it now and see what is my experience of it… I’ll let you know :grinning:


Having tried that one, I can certainly recommend it as something interesting, different and tasty

I picked it up in a hurry thinking it was the Shiraz but ended up pleasantly surprised


You mean the whisky? My dad didn’t want anything too peaty hence me plumping for that. I was half tempted to get him a bourbon as a curveball