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What's in your basket? [11 June]



My dentist advised me today to cut down on wine a bit, which is terrible advice really. I will however cut down on buying, at least for a few weeks. Time to delve into the reserves instead.

How about you, what’s filling up your local van this week?


Popped into the showroom just to pick up the two TWSTaste wines, and left with a few extras. Just to round up to a 6 bottle carrier with a BBQ theme in mind…

Two summer bubblies…

A SA Grenache after tasting from the Enomatics…

and one bin end white Bordeaux…

That’s me probably done with purchases for a while as I have a fair stock of ready-now wines in hand, and I’ll be heading off to France in 6 weeks time to stock-up.


I’ve just put my order in to do the same - collecting on Wednesday. Unfortunately I’m away with work and will miss the Thursday tasting, however the extended in-law family are coming over on Sunday for a BBQ so it presents a perfect opportunity to TWStaste retrospectively. This’ll be the third I’ve missed (of 3 since I signed up) so I’m really keen to give it a go

Also picking up the Limari Chardonnay from the last Taste which seemed so popular

Hope that Grenache is still on the Enomatic - I’m very keen to try it!


Grenache was good - Quite pale, with obvious cherry/red fruit flavour, with bit of peppery bite. Nothing particular complex, but I thought it was relatively light and ideal summer evening drinking,


Just ordered a bottle of each of :

Sylvaner Grand Cru Zotzenberg Boeckel 2015
Dom Coudert Clos de la Roilette Fleurie 2016
Wachenheimer Riesling Burklin Wolf 2016
Burkheimer Feuerberg Grauburgunder Baden Bercher 2016
Scharzhofberger Riesling Kabinett von Hovel 2016
Thymiopoulos Terra Olympos Rapsani 2015
Semeli Mantinia Nassiakos 2017
Uvaggio Coste della Sesia Rosso Proprieta Sperino 2013
Marche Rosso Borgo Paglianetto Terravignata 2015
Lugana Ca dei Frati 2017
Coteaux du Giennois Rose Domaine de Villargeau 2017
CVNE Monopole Classico Blanco Rioja 2015


I’ve got the TWS Taste wines coming on Wednesday, along with:

Le Fraghe Bardolino
Les Parcelles Rethore Davy Chardonnay
Saint Pourcain Reserve Speciale
Chateau Lary 2015
Grignan les Adhemar 2016
St Aubin PC Perrieres Domaine Henri Prudhon 2009
Tresolmos Verdejo
Carlos Lucas Ribeiro Santo, Dão 2016
Adega Vila Real Reserva Branco Douro 2016
The Society’s Hunter Valley Semillon 2017

A couple of old favourites but lots of new wines to try!


What happened to Katie Jones “Hairy Leaf” Grenache, it was on the lists for a very short time then disappeared, did the WS have a deluge of orders or did it have very little stock ?

Though I did see she has just appointed Gonzalez Byass as distributors for the UK.


I picked some up when the offer came out, didn’t realise it had sold out so quickly. Will get it delivered in the next few weeks as it says good for summer drinking.


Katie doesn’t make very much of these wines in total, so we probably took a large percentage, but since it was promoted via an email to members, I think it was snapped up rather quickly.

However, I was just in the Showroom (buying my bottles for Thursday’s TWS Taste) and I spotted the last two bottles on the display. Not sure how it works, but you might be able to speak nicely to someone there about securing one! :slight_smile:


This arrived today including the top 5 in #TWStaste
I’m also so looking forward to the En Rama and the 2009 Madame de Pitray
Might crack open the Tinto Argentino tonight as it’s only 12% :+1:


I did not receive any email but have purchased her other wines what is the requisite to receive an email ?


This is a follow up to my post above, since I mentioned the Katie Jones wine going missing in short shrift, two others in my basket went missing the following day, I don’t mind, items will sell out that is the nature of things, but if the WS takes small parcels and puts them in the general listing perhaps they should as other retailers do mark them as “limited supply” then at least you know if you have to get an order in straight away ?


Nabbed a mixed six this week:

Friday night dinner red:

My birthday red and first ‘real’ Barolo (excited about this one!):

It reappeared so I grabbed it asap!

Everyone has raved about this so was keen to try - never had a Jurancon before.

Likewise, another big favourite in the community which has been in my wishlist for a long while:

I love Kooyong’s single vineyard pinots and although not cheap, should be lovely right now:


Love that Palo Cortado.

Please report back on the Barolo! I love them but my kowledge is v poor so I’m always reluctant to splash out.


The en rama arrived yesterday with my Beaujolais case and a few others odds and sods.

I made a grand announcement to my partner (after a few glasses of the cote de Brouilly) that the Tio Pepe En Rama SIMPLY MUST travel down to Cornwall with us at the end of next week. That it must be drunk soon, that we need to get through it once opened, that it very much wants to be by the sea in saline air and that Cornwall is in fact the most perfect place to drink such a wine, probably better than Spain.


I’m looking for a time for my En Rama too.
How many days should it be consumed once open?


I think 2-3 days max. Not sure but figure as a holiday wine I can start early in the day and not risk being open too long … :wink:


I know many would disagree, but I’ve actually had mine open for well over a week and it is still tasting lovely - more rounded, but still enjoyable!


That is wonderful self restraint @robert_mcintosh


I’m just finishing a Palo Cortado from just over a week ago, and it’s still as gorgeous as on day one. Maybe even a little more complex and nutty on the palate, if possible. Having it with some Boquerones and bread. I could almost be in Spain… :blush: