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What's in yer Basket [February/March 2019]


That Chardonnay is Excellent :yum:


That Zind Humbrecht is also a Chardonnay! Looking forward to both!


Now that I’ve finally recovered from the expenses of Christmas, I’m re-stocking the cabinet.

Just placed an order for the following old favourites (3 of each):

The Society’s Gavi
The Society’s White Burgundy
Susumaniello Salento Rosso, Vallone 2016
The Society’s Australian Shiraz 2016

Still got a few things in the wishlist to purchase before Easter!


With the house move in full swing I’ve concentrated my purchases in EP rather than buying wine we’ll have to move. I recieved a very thoughtful and welcome Birthday gift from the cat today though

Pretty sure I appreciate it more than she does :slight_smile:


This proverbial basket seems to always crave more wine, monstrous thing! :smiling_imp:

Got a couple of these lovelies from Majestic on the other half’s orders. He fell in love with it when it was still sold by TWS - not sure why it’s not on the list anymore. Such a charming, fruity and approachable Cab Franc! Majestic selling it as a WIGIG. Hope Marcel sticks it back on the list…



My basket has the Kadarkas for this tasting. A 2015 Barbaresco that I got from the 2013 EP, which was recently available as kindly highlighted by someone here. Also a couple of halves to round up the order.

Half bottle of Riesling Cuvée Colette, Domaine Weinbach 2016 - More often than not, very interesting halves are available at TWS so worth keeping an eye out. I find a half bottle the perfect size. I might have got the last two bottles of this… sorry.
Half bottle of Château de Beauregard, Fleurie Poncié 2015 - A nod to the upcoming Bojo tasting… might remove this bottle.


6 bottles of Ardanza, in the basket and now on their way to a friend for his birthday.
Fortunately i shall be visiting shortly after they arrive.

Do gifts qualify for the Golden bottle? :zipper_mouth_face:


You might have to argue that one out with your friend should he happen to find an extra golden bottle in the box when it arrives. :smiley:


Some things aren’t worth falling out over. We’ll just have to drink it, I’ll be sure to post some pics. :sunglasses:


Anyone has any views on the La Rioja Alta viña arana reserva, rioja 2009. Tempted as offered in halves, but Rioja is a bit of uncharted territory to me…


It’s delicious! Get some.


(Arana)Its very nice.
Really benefits from a decant, as its still quite young, immediately on opening the oak is a little dominant.

If you enjoy the Arana but want a treat in bottle format then try the Ardanza, it’s in the same mould but a little more refined and complex.

For a more budget friendly choice the Finca Munoz (£8.50) is great value, admitted from a few hundred kilometres south of Rioja, but in the ballpark stylistically.


What @Rowley_Birkin_II said. I love both of them. The Ardanza is a bit more expensive and a bit more special but the arana is still excellent itself.


Not much difference between the Arana and Ardanza full bottle price on TWS. I slightly prefer the Arana, probably due to the higher tempranillo ratio. You’ll just have to try both :grinning:


I’ve tried both and am with @tom on this, both real y good wines with a concentration of depth. Try them together :wink:.

This week my basket had 6 of this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, when I opened my box yesterday I found 6 of these:

Straight onto member services to get it rectified :relaxed:


3 of each of the following, coming Friday, possibly with a misplaced golden one.


Snap! I’ve got this Vacqueyras Blanc in my basket too - for the April order! It sounds just up my street! :+1:

Bar the two Beaujolais bottles for the tasting, also got these (all whites, because you can’t have enough whites!). Particularly curious about the Favorita (aka Vermentino):

Edit: just noticed that your Vacqueyras Blanc is the 2017, whereas minse is the 2016…


I’m in Clefs d’Or club as well (2016 for me), and have also gone for some Rioja with a bottle of the Muga and the 2011 Exhibition Reserva. I haven’t had any Rioja for ages but there’s been so much chat about it on here lately I couldn’t resist! Aside from that it’s new vintages of trusted favourites (Lirac Blanc, Les Traverses, Koyle Costa Pinot) and a few new (to me) wines for the everyday rack.


That Lirac Blanc is awesome! As is the Verdicchio (I think people usually go for the dei Castelli di Jesi, but I think ones from Matelica are just as good!) :ok_hand:


I had that Verdicchio last week and it was fab! I’ve had previous vintages of the Lirac and always enjoyed it, but your enthusiastic post about it recently reminded what a great wine it is :wink: