What's hot and what's not in Croatia?

Excellent prices for retail. Even better than winery at some instances. Great selection. Try:

  1. Illocki Podrumi Principovac
  2. Saints Hills Sv. Roko
  3. Saints Hill Nevina and Mala Nevin
  4. Fakin Malvazija and in Primo
  5. Boskinac

and last but not least Tomic Amfora. Wow just wow


You’re at the back of the queue, you’ve just had a holiday :grin:


Resurrecting an old thread…many thanks pred02 for the comprehensive suggestions.

I am spending a few days on the Dalmatian coast - are you familiar with any places in Sibenik that you could recommend? I am staying in Tisno - but Sibenik seems to be the nearest place with vineyards to visit

I would visit Testament Winery, Ante Sladic and Bibich winery for the good stuff if near Sibenik.

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Thanks very much - look forward to exploring them in July