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What's hot and what's not in Croatia?


Wonderful, thank you

Aside from Split and Dubrovnik we have an extended stay in Bol so any recommendations there would be great


Stina winery is good, their Posip is excellent. Zlatni Rab beach. I have not been to the island but if you need more recommendations, happy to ask my friend from there.


Thanks. Stina is on the list. Good restaurant recommendations in Bol would be much appreciated!


Maybe too late for you , @NickP , but one more thing.

Looking online the best wine shop in Split seemed to be Vinoteka Terra. It’s just off the street in the address, down some stairs and in a cellar that it shares with a restaurant. The sign for the shop is a very small plate on the door, and easy to miss - the restaurant signs being more prominent. The picture you see using Google is the whole shop interior, and as such it is not nearly as big as some describe it.

Nevertheless it is still the best selection of Croatian wine I have seen in one place. About one half is devoted to Croatian wine, and the other to the rest of the world. Top marks for the help I was given by he lady in the shop, though I have not tried the wines yet! I bought 6 bottles there. No idea how competitive the prices are.


I asked my friend, she said Ranc, Mali Raj Konoba Pusa are good places


Wines to try and buy from Dalmatia:

Krajancic Intrada Posip
Krajancic Posip Sur Lie (if you like Oak)
Nerica Posip
Torreta Posip
Bire Grk
Cebalo Grk

Bura Dingac (highly recommended)
Mare Postup (16.8% alcohol - very different!)
Kiridzija Dingac (highly recommended)
Boris Violic Dingac
PZ Posip Dingac
Bire Plavac Mali
Ivac Dolac Plavac Barrique
Skaramuca Dingac


Thanks for those recommendations. Arrived in Bol yesterday, this place has a nice feel for it

@SteveSlatcher - found a couple of your suggestions, thank you


I concur, very good!


We stumbled across Konoba Pusa today so took your friend’s recommendation - please pass on our thanks. Very nice. Relaxed and friendly, lovely salads and gnocchi, good seafood

Wine list as written was very good. Reality was somewhat different, didn’t have our first choice but recommended what would have been our second choice only to bring out something completely different. They suggested we try and take it if we liked it, which we did

Apparently this is another name for Malvazija although tasted nothing like the other example we tried (Kozlovic Santa Lucia 2015 superb). My limited knowledge tells me this is from the peninsula that makes Dingac and Postup but that’s all I could determine from the label

Notes : “Slightly astringent, petrochemical hint, akin to Riesling but less overtly petrol. Citric, bone dry. Slight chalky grip. Very, very light colour. Interesting. Good with the squid”

Really intriguing, definitely better with food although we both agreed not the best wine of the trip so far


I am glad you liked the restaurant. madizzara winery I know well, its in Potomlje which is the main wine town that produces Dingac. They are a bigger winery, but glad they are branching out.

One winery I forgot to mention is Milos. They are near astone but their Stagnum wine is great. If you can get your hands on 2007, it’s amazing.

If anyone is spending some time in Dubrovnik area, lots of great wineries less than 2 hour drive away.


Yup, I visited Madirazza last year. Certainly I liked their Plavac and Dingač wines.

Also Miloš, where amongst others I tasted the Stagnum 2007, 2006 and 2005. All good wines, but I preferred the 2 older vintages, for drinking now at least. However the older ones were consideranly more expensive. I bought the 2006, as one of the few bottles we could bring back as checked-in luggage (also a Madirazza Dingač)


@pred02 we are staying a few minutes from the Ranc restaurant so popped in last night. Very nice, if slightly expensive, fish platter but it was plenty enough to cover both of us for the whole meal. A nice Grasevina from Krauthacker went very well with it. Again- thank you for the recommendation

Tonight we made it to Stina for the winery tour and tasting. Interesting, brief, tour and we saw some grapes being triaged, destemmed and pressed which was quite cool. Wine on any kind of scale is quite something, not that these guys are massive producers

Tasted 4 wines

Posip 2017, no oak. fresh, peach and nectarine. Crisp

Posip Majstor 2016. 12 mo second use oak. More complex with definite vanilla. Long and rounded. We liked both equally but the ‘basic’ Posip was a fair bit cheaper. Both showed genuine quality

Plavac Mali 2013 spent 12 month in second use oak and has a tannic dryness but is a nice red with plenty of plums. A nice finish with some spice rounds off a good glass

Plavac Mali Majstor 2015 is a fair bit fuller. 18 months in new oak. Both Majstor ranges are the pick of the vines. Deeper spice, plums and cherries. Enjoying a glass now from the bottle we brought back to the villa but would definitely benefit from more bottle age. Hoping to find any of the above in the airport as we’re on hand luggage only this trip