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What's been your best bottle of lockdown?

As we appear to be moving slowly out of lockdown, I thought now might be a good time to reflect on the best bottles we’ve enjoyed over the last three or four months.

If there’s one consolation to having been stuck at home, it seems that most of us have used it as an excuse to crack open some pretty special wines, whether at TWSTaste ‘bring a bottle’ events or part of Weekend Drinking discussions! :smiley:

So what’s been your best bottle(s) of lockdown?

For me, it’s probably been this:


Which we opened for the Aromatic Whites virtual tasting. It was one of those wines that as soon as you sniffed it, let alone took a sip, you knew it was special. A kind of ‘eureka’ moment, and every sip was the same.

(The 2010 is sold out but the 2017 is available and I’m sorely tempted to put some in Reserves…)

Probably last week’s rosé was a close second:

I’ve just never tasted a wine like this before. It was weird and savoury yet fresh and moreish… and one of those wines that demanded attention. So glad I had an excuse to buy some.

Can’t wait to hear what your best ‘lockdown wines’ have been!


Talking about lockdown in the past tense is far too exciting to contemplate, and having just secured a haircut appointment for the 6th of July amid shrieks of joy and relief, it feels right to celebrate the simple joys in life! :grinning:

We had some lovely bottles over the past three months, but the two that immediately came to mind were this Grwurz, which we opened on my birthday:

And this 2016 Trousseau, which offered everything I personally want from a red:

In the value-for-money category, this Fleurie, drunk on my daughter’s 17th, knocked our socks off:


Ooh, probably this:

…from that first BYOB Burgundy tasting that we did.

Full of wow-factor:


That sounds incredible! I love the idea of the umami flavour paired with sweet and salty duck. :heart_eyes: I must give that recipe a try!

And the Exhibition Fleurie is one I haven’t had for a while - although the 2019 just won Wine Champs so maybe now’s the time for me to try it again. :wink:

THAT is one HECK of a tasting note, @Herbster! And one heck of a wine too. 2005 was one of those bullseye vintages for France wasn’t it… wish I still had some!


I think I’d go for the Larrivet Haut-Brion blanc 2007, which I had as part of the Bordeaux virtual tasting. Really made me wonder why I don’t buy and keep more dry white bordeaux.

Talking of which, I bought some 2005 claret, and none of it I’ve tried shows much sign of coming round. It may do, but it hasn’t given much pleasure so far.


Quite a few to choose from! The Exhibition Gran Res Rioja 2001 from the BYO Rioja tasting was particular highlight. I even rated it a 10/10!

There’s been some really nice discoveries at a more reasonable level too. Such as this!

I’ve always been aware of it, but never really paid that much attention. Put in a pre-lockdown mixed case, and ordered it every time since!

Then there was the 2009 Amon-Ra Shiraz. Stunning!


Best red: Musar 1995.
Best white: Gaillard St Joseph 2016.

Both gorgeous.

I’ve also withdrawn some 2014 Escaravailles Rasteau and Coudoulet de Beaucastel, which seems to be diminishing in the racks at a steady rate.


I got my EP Domaine de Chevalier 2007 out of storage at TWS last week.
Drinking nicely now for my tastes and shows that you can get great wine from a “poor” vintage.


The best red was the Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from my birth year that I opened at the US tasting. It did live up to its legend (luckily).

The best white (orange) was the 2016 Paul Lato Malvasia Bianca followed closely by the 2018 Domaine Ninot Rully La Barre Blanc. Both delicious, the Lato mind blowing. (I was lucky to have two of both during lockdown)


Red I assume; 2007 seems to have been excellent for white Graves as far as I can tell.

I have had a lot of nice bottles over lockdown in between virtual tastings with friends and the like. The one that sticks in my head though is this

A real eye opener


.Looking forward to my bottle of the Kessler PG even more now !

Coincidentally, Alsace 2010 is a winner here too ( maybe because it’s still fresh in the mind from last weekend ). My picks are…

White - Riesling GC ‘Saering’ 2010, Dirler-Cade ( £24 ) - everything one could hope for from a mature dry Riesling.

Red - St-Laurent ‘Jungle’ 2017, Jurtschitsch ( £17 ) - challenging, thought provoking, compelling. Every sniff and sip revealed something different.

VFM - Beaujolais ‘l’Ancien’ 2018, J-P Brun ( £12 ) - a wine that always seem to reflect the vintage it comes from. This one was particularly delicious. I should have bought six.


Red - D’Arenberg Laughing Magpie 2002
White - Seresin Marlborough Chardonnay 2017
Rosé - Miraval 2019
Sparkling- Hunter Miru Miru
Cocktail- Sanguinello Negroni Cross


House favourite here!

This was our most enjoyed wine

Followed closely by the Leflaive Les Setilles

Both heavily influenced by the glorious weather we had on the days of consumption I think!

Drinking history shows barely any red consumed since March! This one here converted a non-wine friend to red wine


Very close run thing between 2009 Domaine Clusel-Roch Cote Rotie and 2004 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva. I’m a little surprised to find myself saying that the Cote Rotie just takes it by a hair.


This was probably my favourite of 2020 so far. World class Santorini Assyrtiko.

Honorable mentions - Ramon Bilbao Lalomba Rosado and the Pax Chaffey Bros. Aeterna Old Vine ‘Barossa Nouveau’ Grenache


for me it was the 2007 La Tour Carent which I open in the Bordeaux tasting, absolutely divine, perfect example of what a top left bank wine should be at a reasonably reasonable price for grand cru classe left bank wines.



Astonishing in its youthfulness. A fabulous wine from a fabulous winery.


Oh yes, I had the 2006 of that domaine a couple of years back and it really was something :+1:

Would love to get a couple more.


Given the weather today I think it could be this one…

A nebbiolo/Barbera based rosato with nebbiolo playing the dominant role. Great value at approx £10. A different beast to a recent Miraval, but given the choice I’d go Italian.