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What would you recommend with smoked trout?


Smoked duck pairing

My company! Where are you and when can I come around? That looks awesome

On a serious note, will you be eating it hot or cold?

The best wine I remember drinking with smoked fish was actually an English wine. I believe it was some Reichensteiner because the acidity cut through the fat of the fish, and the fruit was like a vinous version of gooseberry sauce.

Not sure what to recommend specifically from the list but the Society English white might work

I wouldn’t go for anything oaked, personally, as it might bring out the smokiness too much.

Is there something you were considering?


Haha! Eaten cold with brown granary bread, already had some, it was delicious! Was thinking a dry riesling might do the trick. Was wondering about oak influences and whether that would be a good match or not. I think you are right. I will look out for the English wine you recommended. I brought back some dry white port from Porto and wondered how that would fare with it, a portotonic perhaps.


Indeed. Check out the white port and tonic thread!!



I ate smoked fish with this last year and enjoyed the combination but then I just love this wine full stop:


I’d go for gewürztraminer: the spiciness stands up to the “smoked” flavour, and since trout is a northern European thing it’s culturally appropriate as well!


According to my trusty Sainsbury food and wines matches book circa 1980s the answer is Bourgogne Alligote.