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What would you like to see for a Christmas TWSTaste?



Hi everyone,

Our next TWSTaste virtual tasting is on Thursday 5th December at 8pm, and we’re not sold on a theme yet!

A few options are:

  1. Alternative turkey wines (beyond the obvious chardonnay/zinfandel type tried-and-tested)
  2. Festive fortified
  3. Festive foodie wines
  4. New World Christmas picks
  5. Old world vs new world Christmas
  6. Festive fine wine

Any takers for the above, or anything suggestions of your own? :smiley: I’ll leave a poll below for anyone who wants to vote but doesn’t want to expand in any detail!

  • Alternative turkey
  • Festive fortified
  • Festive foodie wines
  • New World Christmas
  • Old world vs New World Christmas
  • Festive fine wine

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NEW #TWSTaste: Festive fine wine, Thursday 5th Dec, 8-9pm

Unfortunately we will be in Madeira that week, so will have to try them the following week - or we take them out with us!!


Oh, lucky you, @Croquetchris - let us know how your trip goes?

Anyone else want to vote in the poll above/suggest a theme before I make a decision and announce tomorrow? :smiley: