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What would you do..?


Nothing, all that wine is still sitting under his stairs :see_no_evil:!!


So…he won’t notice if some goes missing? :smiley:


With its 60th anniversary coming up, a decision should be made to enjoy, surely. If it were someone’s birthday, then may be a sneaky taste to ensure it’s ok for use in a larger celebration.



That’s what I’d say!

Although you could sell a few bottles to fund your DRINK.


Gosh! One look at Father Jack and the desire to drink or eat is gone :nauseated_face:


It’s a travesty… he recently purchased a pharmacy (he’s a pharmacist!) . He struggled to come up with all the capital he needed and found some form of outside investment. Why he didn’t look to sell any wine is beyond me ! :see_no_evil:! He seems to think he will be easily able to offload all this wine simply at an auction like he did with some whisky that was also found under there! He has been told numerous times to get this into storage but he’s too tight to do so. Be it on his head when he does finally go to try and sell and be faced with the awkward answers to “where is this currently being stored?”


It’s disappointing to see that some people don’t seem to be taking this very seriously. If you send me a few bottles to sample I will give you my best advice after careful consideration.


Hahaha @Andy999, if I thought I would get out of their house with a bottle tucked under my arm I would … there is also a case of Chateau Pavie in there too :weary:!


tbh most auctioneers don’t bother with such questions :frowning:

there are a few good ones out there but…


I could do the job after one bottle #DutchAuction :wink: