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What would help you buy more and better wine on the TWS website?



What could the TWS website improve to help you choose the wine you really want?
Buying a wine online is not simple, that’s why we need …

Let’s start a thread with a few suggestion on how to improve the TWS website to help customers (us) choose the wine they want.

I’ll start:

  1. Pics of back labels: The back label from the bottle holds precious informations about the wine. I’d like to have that on the site to help me choose

  2. Improved user feedback: There’s not many user feedback atm. Could TWS find a way to rewards users for a well written review?

Your turn!


Interesting idea for a discussion (and good suggestions!) We have an ongoing topic about improvements to the website and I think this would be perfect for it, and hopefully will spark some additional conversation. So what I’ll do is transfer this over to the existing topic so we have all the feedback in one place.

(Also: hello and welcome to The Community! :smiley: )


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There is another wider conversation which is ‘what causes you to buy elsewhere’ which is not related to the website. Perhaps that merits a separate thread but for me it’s mainly reserves-related

  1. Inability to buy part cases for reserves except as part of a mixed 12 that needs to be withdrawn in one
  2. Withdraw 12/Any 4 rule - I would buy more expensive wine if I could withdraw one bottle a year without needing to build a full case (and happily pay for this privilege with other merchants)

As it stands some of my most expensive bottles sit with other merchants who offer more flexibility on split case withdrawals.

To some extent though the other drivers for me to go elsewhere are TWS being a victim of its own success. Really good stuff tends to go in and out of stock very quickly once released (often the TWS pricing strategy means it is phenomenal value) whereas merchants with huge broking lists as well as retail stocks see wines hang around for longer and often a bargain goes unnoticed. I do wonder whether there should be a presumption towards limited allocations for wines released as part of offers with unlimited purchases being allowed 1 - 2 weeks after the initial listing. It seems a bit haphazard at the moment.


Great point!! I think a ‘lidl’ section may steer TWS towards world domination :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great non-website suggestions there from @Jcbl so I’m glad I kept this topic open (ahem, I actually just forgot to close it…) but I think if the topic stays open we might stray into more website feedback stuff (that’s the title of the topic after all) and there’s already a good topic for that here which I encourage anyone interested to contribute to! :smiley:

So I think I’ll close this now - thanks all!