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What wines should I drink in the Dolomites?


I’m on a 2 week skiing holiday in the Dolomites (staying in Pozza Di Fassa if it helps) and while there are no local wine shops there are 2 or 3 supermarkets that sell wine; none of which I’ve heard of; the wine not the supermarkets. Can anyone give me any recommendations on what I should look out for; red or white, or will I have to exist on the pizza restaurant carafe.


Look out for the local red grapes - Teroldego and Lagrein. I recently tried the WS ‘Nerofino’ which is a blend of both - it was great!

Have a fun trip! :slight_smile:


Oooooo added to the wishlist!


You’re in the land of Gewürztraminer and Traminer (Savagnin) - named after the town of Tramin/Termeno - there is some excellent Pinot Nero and Bianco around those parts. Hoffstätter, Nals Magreid & Foradori are some good producers to look out for. Also, the Mezzacorona cooperative (where we get the afore-mentioned Nerofino from, and who also are involved at the other end of the country in the making of The Society’s Sicilian Reserve red) would be a sure-fire well-priced bet.


The only thing that stood out was ‘Pino Nero’ of which there were many but no mention of any of above grapes. For my first bottle (I’m here for 2 weeks) I went for a Pinot Nero Blauburgunder. This link of the exact wine, although in English, is from an Italian site which is comforting. http://www.colterenzio.it/files/pr_blauburgst-daniel_15-engl.pdf


There will be lots of grappa.
Also Ferrari sparkling wine is very nice which is produced nearby.


Not a Grappa person but will look out for the Ferrari sparkling; although I expect it will go quickly.


Haven’t seen it but will look out for it on my ski travels as looks good as you say.


Me to. My basket is filling with new discoveries this week.


There was indeed lots of grappa, sometimes too much. I have had Ferrari before but couldn’t find it locally. I did however pass their bottling plant on way back to Verona airport but was on a coach so could not pop out to have a look; it was also 6 am local time.