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What wine would you recommend to a new member?



If you could only choose one wine to recommend to a brand new member of The Wine Society, what would it be and why?

Imagine that you bump into them in the Showroom, and it just so happens that @mcropp isn’t available at that moment. Which bottle would you pull off the shelf and tell them to add to their basket?

I’d be interested to know your choices - whether because they’re classics, or special to you, or great discoveries …

let us know!


For being such a discovery of a white wine! :heart_eyes:


I haven’t tried this one, but a local Michelin starred restaurant has a very similar Jurancon sec as one of their two house whites, and has had for a decade. If it’s anything like that I would agree with you.


I suggest this:

I’d never heard of this producer before shopping at TWS. Its gratifying to have such enthusiasm for a producer confirmed on tasting.


Depending on their tastes (are we allowed a quick chat with them first?) I’ll either pick out this…

…or this:

Mind you, if I love both of these, maybe they should just have both as well…!


It would have to be this. A stunning wine… gutted its out of stock now but I still have 1 bottle left.


Don’t want to bust budget on this and put them off. For a white I think this would not scare the horses: lovely and creamy

And a red, well it could be the red equivalent of the white but this a another Spanish red we have enjoyed. It is fresh, uncomplicated and easy drinking

Both are a credit to TWS buying.


Really selfless of you to give them your last bottle Leah…


oh but its just a recommendation @MarkC :laughing::rofl:


Oh yeah, that was great stuff!


Okay, that one it seems got away…


This for a white:

And probably this for a red:

(If too pricey, then the Jeunes Vignes)


@Leah Which bottle would you pull off the shelf and tell them to add to their basket? :wink:


Who’s shelf??? @MarkC :rofl:


Maybe this:

why? It’s delicious of course, but it’s also a familiar grape from perhaps an unfamiliar source, and embodies what TWS is all about - sourcing great wines at great prices no matter where they come from.


great answer! You know, … I’ve yet to try this wine so will immediately add it to my wishlist!


Yes! I loved the 2013. Fascinating stuff, and really well made.


Good choice.

I had this at a charity tasting I did a couple of months ago, and it was the favourite of the night, narrowly edging the Hochar.


The community mixed case… #comingsoon


The Grignan was the one that sold my mother in law on membership, so probably that. It is so much better than anything similar in a supermarket at that price point.