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What wine with pork and cider casserole


Genuinely stumped here…the easy thing to do would be have cider but it would be a cop out and there’d be no challenge! My initial thought was matching against a fatty meat and sweet acidity so perhaps a german riesling? It’s the sweet acidity of the apple which throws me. Here’s what it is…

Thanks in advance!


Sounds like a good excuse to open something from Alsace to me … and aged example of something more full-bodied, so a Gewurztraminer or Riesling GC

Another option, if you happen to have it and like this sort of thing, is an aged WHITE Rioja, from someone traditional like Lopez Heredia (Tondonia or Gravonia) or maybe Marques de Murrieta (Castillo Ygay) - or a newer take on it from the excellent Remelluri


Ooooo two good decisions there. We did have a lovely Alsace Riesling with a delicious curry at the weekend. However, i did feel bad as i sent the gf out to a wine merchant near her work to get one as it needed to be dry, good acidity and enough alcohol to stand up to the spiciness.

She came back with a delicate (but still intriguing) mosel riesling at 8% abv (about £17)…i couldn’t waste such a good bottle against a curry. She didn’t seem impressed with me getting another bottle though she did enjoy it.

I am far more intrigued by a white rioja though!

What would a medium, low alcohol riesling be more suited to?


I might risk a sherry to go with this


Bold suggestion! :astonished:


Was thinking a dry richer style, like oloroso.


Okay, if that is too wild… then perhaps a richer white burgundy, something like:

or maybe premier cru Chablis to complement the :apple:


I have that!!! :slight_smile:


I’d still say a cider. Suffolk’s Aspalls Grand Cru.
If you follow terroir like the French, an English dry white would do you and your nation proud.


The girlfriend insisted we went for a german riesling. It was absolutely lovely…medium, honey, lime acidity. It also massacred any flavour from the casserole itself!

Next time I’m making her stick to the easy stuff and we’ll eat bouef bourginon! :joy:


How about a white rhone ?


@Ed_Smith thats a good call, much for floral with good body and mid acidity. :open_hands: