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What wine with... duck a l'orange?

Roll up, roll up…

Following on from last nights classic/retro Steak Diane, tonight we’re having duck a l’orange.

What wine?

Interweb says an off dry pinot gris or Loire chenin.

Or a Beaujolais.

Answers on a postcard please…

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Vouvray Demi Sec.

If wild duck like mallard with a sauce bigarade then a red Rhone for me. Maybe a hearty Alsace PG.


Years since I’ve had either dish. I used to enjoy seeing waiter make the Steak Diane by the table. So long ago that we probably had Mateus Rose or Blue Nun.

Note - I am not recommending them to you for this dish :slight_smile:


I too am thinking of a Northern Rhône, such as the Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage. Yum! :yum:

Interestingly, Duck a L’orange is on a menu from my old family restaurant, dated 1967.


Four courses for 18 shillings*! How times have changed…

Have you still got the wine list from that time?

*that’s 90p for the youngsters


Alsace Vendange Tardive or Sauternes. will match the sauce.

Regrettably not. It would have been great to see the wine list from a Glasgow restaurant in the sixties. I’ll need to check with the family to see if there’s one lurking somewhere in storage. :thinking:

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IA Fino Sherry might also work.

Or a dryish Madeira.

Got to agree with those saying pinot gris. I cooked duck breast with an orange sauce a few weeks ago. Not classic duck à l’orange, but the pinot gris we drank suited it very well.


Right, Duck’s off!


Couldn’t decide. Went for…


Neither went particularly well with the orange sauce (hiding to nothing? ), but by gad the PG was good. Iff dry, good biting acidity. Orangey? (possible suggestive). Stuggled to savour - it was just drinking so well. Probably sourced from TWS. Went really well with the duck ‘sans sauce’.

Moulin is very good - but savoury and not enough fruit - no match for the sweet orange sauce. Will save for tomorrow.


Orange sauce is tough. with mallard I make it with a little orange, and a lot of the duck stock/blood plus a small amount of sugar and butter. It’s richer but takes away that acidity…though I see you comment on a ‘sweet’ orange sauce? Maybe a demi sec white or even sweeter might work better?


I was going to suggest a young, ‘lesser’ Nebbiolo, ideally from a cooler year, with lots of fruit and acid


I wouldn’t actually have wine WITH the duck, but allow a significant wine break after. Then a good Demi sec could be appreciated rather than swamped by the retro flavours.

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