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What TV don't you like?

I used to quite like Top Gear until the infamous punch up!!
Could never quite take to V2 esp. Joey! :open_mouth:
But when they recently did a quite moving tribute to the late and utterly brilliant Sabine Schmitz who ran rings around Jezza at the Nurburgring, I quite enjoyed the latest trio and their Clarkson-esque antics. :blush:
And then I took a look at the now defunct Grand Tour on Prime, found it amusing and now I have some catching up to do.
So, I quite liked until the Yorkshire incident, then I didn’t on 2 platforms and now I do - all over again. This is all very confusing, but after the horrible day that I have just endured, a bit of a vent is in order. :dragon:

Although I worked some years on the technical side of television production and broadcast, I have neither owned a TV set nor had any desire to.
However, I do see the odd minute when in hotels, although usually the TV sends me to sleep very quickly. As a generalisation I feel that American TV is the worst because it seems to be nothing but violence.