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What to spend £170 on?

Checking last nights lottery I got 4 numbers = £170

I’ve got plenty of wine, so don’t have space for a lot more, but what about one or two special bottles?

Cross off PN and Malbec because Mrs M won’t touch them, so what else does the accumulated knowledge of the cognoscenti (I mean you lot) suggest?


There are several Huet Vouvrays around that, if you want to see what Chenin can do when it’s at home.


Hadn’t thought that way - which do you recommend?

I tend to prefer the Haut Lieu or Bourg to the le Mont, but that is just personal preference. Moelleux, excellent, but nothing wrong with the dry if you prefer. We’ve tended to drink the sweet at around 10-12 years, but they are supposed to keep longer.


Try Nyetimber 1086 Cuvee. It is absolutely stunning. Best ESW I have ever tasted. Lovely depth and great fruit and acidity. Would normally never spend circa £150 on an English wine but as you have had a windfall why not try it?


I just bought two bottles of 2012 Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon yesterday. Cost me about £160 for the two bottles which I think is a pretty good price for that wine.

It’s on sale at the moment at Robesons but I bought it via Vivino website and got an additional 8% cashback by accessing the site via quidco (hence final price at c£80 per bottle).

I dont play the lottery . My reason is that i might win millions and that would change my life. I am quite happy with my life as it is .


You could have one of these

and still have £30 change for this


I like the sound of that. I have had the Kanonkop, but never the fizz!

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As a keen follower of your weekly update on what you like to drink over the course of the weekend I thought they might hit the spot. Tempted to say a ‘no brainer’ but I know that trademark already reserved for Roxan!


A friend of mine was questioned about winning the lottery and was asked “what would you do about the begging letters?” To which he nonchalantly replied “oh, I’d tell the wife to send them out as usual.”


For me, it would be a posh champagne and maybe a very good sherry.

My preferences tend to the oakier, more oxidative champagnes so I would look for Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee or Krug probably.

Then (depending how much they came to) either a EN sherry (although they can be hard to find) or the Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Veijisimo 1/5 from TWS at £26/half.


I too would say a posh champagne or two. I would not go for the Pol 2009 as while I have not tried this particular vintage it seems to me that vintage Pol has been more than a little off beam recently. If you wanted one from TWS I might go for Krug or the Bollinger 2012. Nice dilemma.


Be brave Peter, choose something out of your comfort zone…


Why not compare French champagne with English sparking? Sugrue’s ‘The Trouble With Dreams’ is really something. You can buy direct:

Unfortunately the top cuvée is out of stock, which would have given you a decent price point for comparison.


Six bottles of Alain Graillot Croze Hermitage from Yapp. About £150-ish!


The difficulty with winning millions is that it would change your life. Even if you ticked no publicity it would get out. One would have to move to another town. It would affect all your relationships. My bank will not except payments in of more than a £ million So that means finding another bank. Employing people to help you invest your money. At 75 i am just not interested in creating any more problems. Even giving it away would be hard work . Giving to individuals would involve the inland revenue as one would be liable to pay gift tax .

Gift tax is an American tax, no? I guess that may be relevant if you have dual nationality. But if you are British, it would be inheritance tax liability after your death. Though that’s modestly complex, and one for your executors rather than for you.

If say i won 100 million on the lottery and i wanted to give some of it to friends . I would have to keep a record of what i was giving . As things stand at the moment i am covered by all the exemptions. It would just be another thing to worry about.

Further about the lottery. At my place of work ,when i worked, there was a lottery syndicate. I wasnt in it. I was asked once dont you worry what would happen if we all won the lottery and you were left here on your own. I said I dont worry when i go across the road -the A58 in Leeds - I have more chance of being killed crossing the road than you do of winning a large amount on the lottery. They never did win much money in all the years that i worked there.