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What to do with Corks?

I am saving them for someone who is making a dart board. She has not shown me her idea but I guess it looks like this:


Every day the wine cage gets opened is Christmas


These are all great suggestions, but what should I do with tomorrows corks?

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Why not post them to

Is this really a problem? Contrary to assertions, cork does compost. Just not in the timeframe of your home composter.

If you have an open fireplace or a log burner, you can just use them as fuel. They are 100% non fossil fuel. And if you soak them in white spirit, they make functional firelighters.

I’m just not wildly convinced that spending resources to post them around the country seems like a good idea. And in many cases they don’t go to landfill anyway - if I put mine in the rubbish, it will go to a waste incinerator, whose heat is used to generate electricity for the grid. But this depends on where you live.

All the above assumes you don’t have some other more focused use for them of course.


This works very well! :fire:

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The UK wide cork recycling scheme (www.winecorks.co.uk) is still open for The Wine Society to join as a collection partner (particularly when they have wine tastings around the country). Whether the WS also wants to offer a collection service FROM members is probably more difficult to organise and surely it’s up to the member to work out for themselves - as they hopefully do already with their used glass bottles.