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What to do with Corks?

This idea took several days of crafting and a few years of collecting. Got to the second to last row and had to pause the project for a few more months having run out of corks!


I saw these table centre pieces at the Loire wine fair earlier this year and thought they’d be lovely for the Christmas table (if only I could work out how to assemble them!) Any ideas from those more craftily gifted?


Real corks and Norma corks, use as mulch round plants especially those grown in in big pots and containers…
The Norma corks only prevent rapid water evaporation but corks play their part as organic mulch.
Screw tops bottle and all are acceptable in my blue bin…

How about


We compost ‘real’ corks, i.e. not noma, composite, sparkling corks. They go eventually but are a long-term eco-option.
Years ago I used to take them all to a shop (whose name I’ve forgotten) and they were sent to China to form part of new shoes. That option has long gone so it’s the landfill bin for the rest.

I’m more interested in the bottle it came from.:female_detective:

Budget Christmas tree! :slight_smile:


Even with the cheapest of wine, that tree ain’t budget. Probably cost more than the real thing! Mind you, the pleasure in home crafts… it’s worth it

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Well I admit, the most expensive bottles are around the edge!


Notice boards are my best use and family and friends get them for presents! Of course you only need one but have you tried different shapes of place mats for hot dishes? It can be a good party ice breaker but, like looking at books on a shelf, you might give away more information about yourself than you expected!

Time for a project I think

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I vaguely remember reading somewhere that burnt cork is used as a base for black pigment for oil paint - but it’s not as good (apparently) as elephant bones or grape seeds that are used for the same purpose.


Play Ibble Dibble
So childish, such fun


Saw this and had to share:


There is now a recycling scheme available for used cork stoppers throughout most of the U.K. and some of the proceeds go to charity see: http://www.winecorks.co.uk/


My wife has been creative with corks!


Any bird should be proud to call that home. What are the dimensions of the hole?

Looked more carefully and can see it only includes two corks! I am tempted to have a go myself.


(she’s got way too much spare time !)