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What to do with Corks?


I’ve got 5 council bins for waste

  1. Paper
  2. Plastics, metals and glass
  3. Compostable garden waste
  4. Food waste
  5. Landfill

Screwcaps go in No. 2 Plastics, metals and glass
Plastic ‘corks’ go in 2 Plastics, metals and glass*

But real corks?
Not garden waste, they’re tree bark but tree branches with a diameter bigger than a man’s finger are not accepted, and a cork is much wide than that

So I put them in bin 5 Landfill .

Yet I recall the cork industry makinga lot of noise about how corks are recyclable, Where?

*The Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is closed with plastic Nomacorc ‘corks’ which are stamped “100% Recyclable”


Good question!

Or could they be put to some practical (or even creative) use, rather than throwing them away?


Several creative uses, sticking them together to make a notice board for instance.

But I’m not going to do that, and if I did, how many notice boards does a man need?


the answer can be found in Tolstoy’s short story “How much land does a man need?”


You could always build a house with them…


We USED to bring them to school for art projects, but I started getting funny looks from Reception after the fourth or fifth bag so … I’ve stopped now.



Find a man with fat fingers and get him to recycle them. :yum:


A cork house would be well insulated, but practically it seems that I will have to place these 30 odd corks I have in land fill…


Actually - a less flippant answer - you can compost them! Apparently you do need to grind them up first or they will just sit there. Not sure how you do that - an old coffee/spice grinder might do it?


Why not use a pestle and mortar… :slight_smile:


You must have a pretty hefty one of those to bash a cork into submission! I’m going for power - maybe a commercial blender :smiling_imp:.

I suppose that’s how the Diam ones are made - blitz up the cork and then bind it back together in a uniform substrate.


You could just let the dog chew them to bits, as that’s what my two like to do whenever they find one… :upside_down_face:


Hope RSPCA is not watching…


As long as its not still in the bottle they should be fine.:roll_eyes::laughing:


Please do what @robert_mcintosh suggests and donate to local nurseries and infant schools .I do this and keep all my crown caps for a teacher friend for crafts with the kids! These nurseries literally can’t get enough.!! Just rotate the nurseries :joy::joy:


@peterm “OR” … be creative yourself and do this …
HOW MUCH !!??:scream::scream:


My partner and her trusty glue gun has been working on a Christmas wreath. Only a few more bottles to go and then tinsel and holly. Slightly concerned about the looks from the postie if we put it on the front door though!


@dinkydodah, wow !! This is fantastic, definitely get it on the door ! Bet it will look great when it’s finished :clinking_glasses:


I filled a decanter/vase with some, and it sits on a shelf in my kitchen. Although now that it’s full, I’ll have to think of another plan for the next lot!


That’s not even nearly full! Must try harder :smiley: