What should new members know?

Having just encouraged someone else to join the WS, I am keeping track of what emails and other information he receives and what I have. He ticked the boxes for getting information. So far, he is not receiving the marketing emails (e.g. today’s Cabernet Sauvignon offer). He has not heard anything about EP or 1st Release wines. He has not had any information about currently available tastings. He has not had a copy of the printed wine list. He has had one glossy leaflet which mentions the website, the Community and the tastings, but mainly seems to be about promoting the own-label wines (4 of the 16 pages).

When I joined a few years ago, I particularly remember receiving within days both the full wine list and a printed list of current tastings with information about the types of tastings (and immediately ordering from each).

I think both of these should go automatically to new members, but what do others think ‘every member should have’?


Don’t jump in recklessly to every offer.

There is ALWAYS more wine!


@SPmember I think your list is very comprehensive. But, if he is keen on domaine bottled Burgundy: a reminder to set his alarm clock for 5am every day.


First rule when adding a positive review, or posting about a new low stock item: make sure you have placed your OWN order first.

see: Mystery cases - #2194 by lapin_rouge


What a good idea …!!