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What should my house wine be?


Relatively new here so wondering what my house wine should be from TWS? We’ve had various wines over the years that we considered our house wine but have nothing that meets the criteria at the moment. If you had to choose a white and a red, price between £5 and £8 that you would be happy to drink with most everyday meals and serve to visitors, what would it be?

House Red House White

Difficult one @Markarian, without knowing your tastes and what grape varieties you prefer , however there is nothing to stop you trying ALL the suggestions before settling on a favourite :grin:.
Here are a few to get you started…


Well Leah has suggested some whites so I’ll go for the reds (don’t drink white anyway :smiley:). These are my favourite TWS bargain reds:

The Biferno will even keep for a few years.

Funnily enough I posted much the same selection on another thread just recently.


I’ll give you one of each!
This one’s out of stock at the moment but I may well go for a case when it comes back later this month. Cracking value:

Lots of flavour for the money here. Delicious!


I would second the Berferno Rosso
I am having this now and it’s a great bottle. Lovely rustic Italian warmth.


It’s so hard to home-in on just a few wines, but here’s my penny’s worth:

Because it’s utterly delectable!

Because it offers so much nose and flavours for the price…
And from the White corner:

A great food wine, and a good introduction to the variety!

Delicious white - can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it! :grinning:


Another good thread with plenty of earlier suggestions on a similar note here:


Some good suggestions, many thanks. My tastes are fairly wide ranging and I am working my way though the lists. Just haven’t stumbled on the right ones just yet.

Do other people have house wines - or is it just me? I find they’re just useful, reliable fallbacks for emergencies that I can be sure of.


Like you, I am a fan of house wines. They’re the ones I go to when I don’t want to think about wine, wine matching or all the other wines out there e which I haven’t yet tasted. The Society’s Corbieres and Vin D’Alsace do pretty well for me.
That said, I tend to prefer house wines in the winter rather than summer. At this time of year, I find myself exploring more as I look for those wines which go with summer meals and fit whatever temperature these month give us. Often, it isn’t wine at all.
I really like threads like this because they always throw up suggestions I might not have gone for or have passed me by. Keep them coming.


Yes, the “house” wines is something we do as well. They do change over time but mine currently are…

A second vote for this white…

And the red…


TWS own label wines are always a good bet, you could get a mixed case and try them all. If there is one that takes your fancy then that’s your house wine.


This is another one worth trying and a pleasure to drink

Oh, already in one of the mixed cases in fact.


Lots of ideas here that I endorse, esp the Society’s Gruner Veltliner and Corbieres. Also love these

The latter is made by the highly regarded Wirra Wirra. Basically their Scrubby Rise Chardonnay. Unoaked and tasty.


Hang on - we had a thread about good value reds and didn’t mention the sainted Delas Grignan?

I await the fourth horseman…


Oooh and I have a case of that tucked away :wink:


If I had the space, one of my house wines would definitely be the society’s Chilean merlot. Great value and always enjoyable. Easy to drink but rich enough for food too.


From TWS, in the past, Lascar reds and The Society’s Alsace have been house wines for me.

More recently Paparuda Pinots Noir and Grigio - but not from TWS. Used to get them for just over a fiver a bottle, but they seem to have gone up now. Still decent value. Can be a bit reductive on release, so best kept a year of so. The PG is a hack or two more flavoursome than most PGs, and the PN is light, fruity and varietally correct (I find most cheap PNs pretty revolting).

Sometimes (usually mid-week) I really like the idea of being to grab a decent and cheap wine that I know and understand, without needing to fret too much over the decision. But usually after a couple of years I do find I start to get bored with the same ones. For that reason, and especially with the price rise, I may now be moving on from the Paparudas.


I too have my house wines (the ones I already suggested) I find when my non wine enthusiast friends come by, they mostly find my rather robust Bordeaux, Rioja and Rhone wines a bit too much and generally enjoy something a bit lighter.

I would also add that I too am merrily taking notes of the recommendations made here :smiley:

@jcbl there doesn’t seem to be any Delas Grignan on the TWS list at the moment.


I think it’s on to the 2017 vintage:

If it’s as good as the 2016, well worth a go. Delicious and great value.


I don’t think I have ever had a “house wine” most of the cheaper wines have their moment of glory one good season and that’s it so I simply try somehing else and for me that way is perfect for trying more varied wines If you don’tt try you never know if you have been missing something.

I also find that if you keep drinking the same wine even a good one you get a bit blase to it, it loses it’s allure becomes just a staple.
The nearest I ever got to a house wine was back in the eighties, and I have for those who notice, mentioned it before, aTaurino Salice Salentino by Dr Cosimo 1982 that the late Oddbins had at a great price, I and friends had cases of that, sadly Dr Cosimo never repeated the trick.

The suggestions on here and many more show that a house wine is not really neccessary when you have such choice.