What’s your favourite wine paraphernalia?

They claim it can reduce sulphites in wine :joy::joy:& for the bargain price of £70 can be all yours !

But yes essentially aerates :wine_glass:

Not exactly useless but not up to the job.
When the original Screwpull came on the market it seemed like a good idea so I purchased one, all was well, though I thought they were a bit flimsy.
I had a bottle with one those tight fit compound corks of the time, and inserted the Screwpull, no problem, then I started to turn to extract the cork and it was hard going for you have to hold the Screwpull tight with the lugs on top the neck so it wont pull down over it.
This was hard work and the cork was resistant so I gave up and took the Screwpull out of the cork to find it had been stretched to 50% longer than when it started, true story, and no I never purchased another one.

Coravin, no question.
And yes, IKEA glasses may be perfectly practical; but the Zalto’s are a delight to hold and use.

If you prefer looking at the bottle, why not decant, then place the empty bottle in a nice silver bottle coaster (e.g. DrEm’s first picture, bottom R) on the table for viewing pleasure? Or rinse the bottle, and un-decant after a few hours back in to the bottle for serving.

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Oh yes, good suggestion! Although what we usually do now is let it breath for an hour or longer (depending on the wine) then use the ‘Menu’ decanter spout to pour the wine back in the bottle. It does the job beautifully, with no mess :grinning:

Wine aerator , Wine Venturi, quite handy and has a very good gauze filter. Most importantly it makes a highly satisfying slurping noise when used.

Paraphenalia favourite? Erlenmeyer flasks as decanters:

-Stable on the table (copyrighted :grinning:),
-Wide mouth makes cleaning easy,
-cheap (£10 for a 1000cc)
-I like the lab vibe too. Only a few ultra traditionalists get a bit sniffy about using them for wine, get the cut glass out for them.:smile:

For cleaning I rinse with normal water, final rinse with filtered water, flick dry and then stick the flask on the gas hob for a couple of minutes to fully dry. Don’t try that with your posh crystal.


I love that idea … I was tempted for a while, but have already amassed a collection of decanters over the years, so not much call for even more.

My wife likes to know how much wine she is drinking so I bought her a personal size measure and was looking for some like these for just 250ml but not easy to find (or expensive in small quantities)

I use Proton Scientific for my Labware from Ebay. UK based and tell you the brand, whilst others sometimes show known brands in the photo (Pyrex, Rocwing,Academy etc) then deliver a chinese branded product.

£5.98 for a standard 250ml Simax flask doesn’t seem too bad to me.

If the link is blocked > eBay item number 331512277033


That looks unusually like a …, no I’m not going there…and they are available on ebay IF you are interested.

AMAZING setup, my mother was a laboratory technician, should have asked for some flasks!

I like that a lot - this could be the version for the medical fraternity. Reminds me a bit of the “Duck” decanters that cost an awful lot more.


I’m not sure I could clear the image of its previous life from my head whilst using that.

However, here’s an ideal wine to drink from such a vessel (Moser XV post), a perfect synergy.:innocent:

For anyone interested in the 1 litre flask pictured here’s an ebay link, £9.99 delivered. The Simax flasks have a good shape to the mouth and are slightly finer at the rim than some which feels and looks nicer imo.
[I’ve recommended that company twice now, so worth stating I’ve no connection other than as a satisfied customer].

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Yet Riedel make a decanter at an obscene price that is no different from the humble urine bottle, all you have to say is “this is my new Riedel decanter” and all is well…

On the other hand we have all drunk wines that would find that to be a perfect receptacle.

I provided a link to just such a wine.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning:

The inspiration for the Reidel Duck isn’t hard to see, must have been a big night out in Kufstein when they floated that past the marketing department?

Perhaps we could replace the 100 point wine rating scale with a new one using appropriate receptacles as the indicator or quality?
Inspired by the Reidel Duck, here’s one for the lower end of the scale…


SO glad to hear other people are using the IKEA £1 glasses! We have them too (when we don’t smash them…) and they’re really great.

We also love our ice bucket. It’s nothing fancy, quite pretty but not expensive, it’s just something daft we like to use when we want to add a bit of flair to an evening (even if it’s just a #WineWednesday…)

@Rowley_Birkin_II That is a very cool photo!

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…or Peedel decanter?


Just stumbled upon this Riedel decanter on their website and it made me think of this topic - very pretty, but surely this is just asking for trouble?! :joy:


As someone obsessed with cleaning all I can think of is “how the hell would I clean this beauty??!” :dizzy_face: beautiful, but totally impractical, surely…?!

With one of these bad boys or decanter beads! :wink: