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What’s your Cellar Like?

What’s your cellar like?
I mean this question in a number of ways. Firstly, do you use an actual cellar, a wine fridge, wine rack in the garage etc…

Secondly, how many bottles do you have down (up?) there? Do you tend to buy in cases or mix it up each time? Are you working towards a specific amount of bottles or just trying to collect it faster than you drink it?

Lastly, what sort of range have you got down there? Old and new world? European? Wide range of Bordeaux?
I’m always interested to chat about what that people are collecting and their main interests.

I’ll kick off! I’m lucky enough to have a stone wall cellar in the house I rent. It’s a great temperature down there which is handy. I have around 70 bottles most of the time, would like to have 400ish but finances are tight for now.

It’s pretty much entirely European: reds are split 2:1 France to Spain, while the whites are about evens of German riesling and Loire Chenin. My passion is for lighter styles in general. So I aim to keep Loire Cab franc, Beaujolais, and Pinot when I can afford it. For weightier wine I absolutely love Syrah, especially those from the northern rhone. Riesling, bone dry Chenin and Manzanilla keep me happy when I want something white.

I’d love to have more White Burgundy, Red Burgundy, and wines from the Jura and Savoie (where I previously lived) but these tend to be way out of my price range these days.

I also keep about 60 bottles of our pressed apple juice and soon to have about 100 champagne bottles of homemade cider.


Up until now my ‘cellar’ has been TWS reserves, with a rack at home for about 60 bottles. I now have around 300 bottles in total, mainly red and the majority from Bordeaux & Rhone, but there is variation.
The issue with this set up is deciding when to withdraw certain wines from reserves and the inability to impulse buy the odd bottle or 2 of something with a drinking window in the future, as my wine rack is not in ideal long term storage conditions.
I have recently had agreement from my better half (who has no interest in wine really) to invest in a wine storage cabinet (holds around 160 bottles). This will obviously not hold all of my current collection but will allow me to overcome some of the difficulties of my current arrangement.
The danger of course is I will just make more impulse buys, fill up the fridge too quickly and end up with the wine rack back in use as well!

I don’t know where if anywhere you keep track of your collection, but there is a separate thread on here for those who use the CellarTracker app/website, with a view to sharing cellar stock details and discussing wines we hold etc - in case that’s of interest to you.

I think this is a link to the thread that was set up

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Nice! Any star bottles in there? I’m so happy to have a cellar downstairs, I never want to move.

Yes, a real stone cellar must be great. There would be a danger I might never be seen above ground though!
A spiral cellar would be great otherwise.
This is a list of my current collection. Hopefullly a few stars will emerge :crossed_fingers:

[edit: link removed as was not always linking to my own cellar list]

I plan to add some Alsace/German Riesling and some sweet wines going forward, so all recommendations gratefully received…

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My “cellar” is the gap under the stairs, which used to store coats and the vacuum cleaner. Enough space for 8 cases, with a WS box which contains sweet wines in halves. Another couple of 6 boxes of Franken Bocksbeutel from Wirsching and Sauer.

My small collection is almost entirely old world. Lots of German, not just but mainly Riesling slightly outnumbering France (Alsace, Loire, South West and a couple of Medocs and Burgundies), then its Italy, then Greece, with the remainder Portugal, Spain and just a couple of Aussie Shiraz’s.

This is a snapshot, as my interests take me round the world and I’m always up for more wines to try.

I also went for a mixed case of these out of curiosity. I have way too much wine… a few bottles (75) at home (kitchen cupboard, kitchen wine rack, box under bedroom bed) and in the garage, otherwise a lot in warehouses. Probably most bottles of Burgundy, though Rhône is getting stronger… Quite a few cases of Mosel Riesling… otherwise an eclectic mix. Funnily Greeks also feature quite strong. I also have some Hungarian wine laid down in Hungary, which I did not manage to put on CellarTracker yet… the topic @woodap shared earlier also has my credentials…

Mine is split a bit, I have a fair chunk of wines in reserves/on its way as I buy EP, at home however I have a wine rack temporarily in the kitchen (away from the oven etc!) which is now fairly empty but usually stores some ‘everyday’ wines. I also have a 32 bottle wine fridge which has the wines that will age, currently mainly Rhone as I took delivery of a case of 12 of the Rhone 13 EP offer a few months back. Oddly I don’t really have any new world wines, I am tempted to look into a few new world wines that will age though, just haven’t really found anything I really like.

I am now using the cellar tracker app which I have basically finished updating now, looks like I have around 130 wines in my possession, some are basically ready to go, some are good for another 30 years or so!

I also started a thread a while back around wine storage which might be of interest.

I have a rack in the garage for the nicer bottles that I’m laying down. It’s mainly 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux at the moment, but with a few nice Italians (Barolo, Brunello, Vino Nobile) and some Burgundy as well. It’s not something I’m really able to throw too much money at currently, so I tend to include a nice bottle for laying down every couple of orders from TWS. It’s all individual bottles as well - I’ve never bought a case of one particular wine yet.

There is actually a really nice space that I’d love to convert into a wine cellar. We live on a hill, with the back garden sloping away from the house, and have a sun terrace out the back of the kitchen. There’s a built in storage space under there. It’s a decent size, maybe about 80 square foot, is east facing. It’s already wired up with sockets and a light… There’s potential there certainly! It would need a proper clearing out and cleaning up to make it viable though. And we might someday extend at the back of the house which would put the kibosh on it. A bit of a pipe dream maybe, but it would be great!

The everyday reds are in a built in 28 bottle rack in the kitchen, and the whites live in an 18 bottle fridge on the other side of the room.

I also use Cellartracker, although I would say I have less need of it than the other members - when I’ve perused their stocks I’ve been very impressed and jealous! For me, the most useful thing is tracking other users’ comments on my wines, to use as a guide for whether they’re ready for drinking or not.

Can’t believe that no-one is posting photos along with these descriptions!


I rearranged the garage at the weekend, in anticipation of the arrival of my Eurocave.

I could post a picture of the empty space when I get home…

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I’m not sure this link displays your wines specifically, @woodap. When I clicked on it I was startled to see wines I recognised as identical to many I have, and then as I kept reading down I realised it was my cellar list. So I think you need a link that contains your ID somehow.

@ricard - oops. Thanks for spotting and pointing out.
I’ll remove the link for now.


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You can add your id here if you so wish and mark others as Friends in the app to view cellars.

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Ah, a cellar. My dream. My dream is to have a basement in our house, converted exclusively into a fantastic wall-to-wall cellar with a tasting table, and impeccable labelling and lighting. And two armchairs, and amazing ambient lighting, and a turntable with all the vinyl so that I can have guests in this imaginary vinous man-cave and listen to music while drinking fine wine. But alas, this is not to be. A spiral cellar would be second best. In the absence of this, I have:

  • About 36 bottles under the stairs for everyday consumption within 8 weeks, ready to grab at a moment’s notice, almost all from the Society, mostly Exhibition wines from France, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, quite eclectic, but most common varieties are Chardonnay, Albariño, Godello, Pinot, Gamay, Syrah
  • About 80 bottles in a Climadiff wine fridge, mostly Priorat, Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Burgundy, all for drinking in the next two years, all from the 1990s or 2000s, some of them quite special, many bought from the Society, but also from specialists
  • About 120 bottles in a relatively stable climate controlled area in the shed in the back garden, mostly Rioja, Ribera and Burgundy, bits and bobs from other countries and regions
  • About 600 bottles in storage with Seckford Wines, all en primeur or special one-off cases, about 65% Burgundy (almost all red), 10% Rhône (red and white), 10% Rioja and Ribera, 10% Priorat, 5% Barolo, Bordeaux and some New World

I like to keep my wines for 10-15 years and monitor them every 2-3 years. I like them aged.


I am super fortunate to have a basement cellar in which I’ve stolen enough space for my stock for everyday drinking and some to lay down with just a case (growing it slowly) in reserve in stevenage. I must start using cellartracker, i tend to use google drive for sorting my life out :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, really intrigued to see the Kesoi Arany (Lidl?) in the list, as well as Sylvain Pataille wine on the picture

The tokaji is a lidl special! I certainly can’t wait to crack open the marsanny blanc too. My dad is up this weekend from down south who made the wines in the top left next to the small rack…it’s always extra pressure selecting it! I’m sorely tempted at the greywacke, it’s like adult um bongo.


Wine cabinet now in place. Just need to fill it now!..


Have you worked out the running costs of the cabinet and how it compares to off-site storage by any chance?