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What’s the going rate for having your wine destroyed?

Lay and Wheeler will do it for just £14 a case


Why on earth would you want to destroy a case of wine? :thinking:

To stop the woodworm getting into it and having to fork out £30?


I suspect the favoured case destruction method occurs at 5pm on a Friday


As a public service to the wonderful members of this forum, I will happily destroy your cases for free.

For any particularly attractive troublesome wine I would also be willing to pay the cost of getting it to me :rofl:


The case of how Majestic mystery cases are sourced is solved. Yay!


Imagine they had a picking error on this service :see_no_evil:

“It’s strange that the customer wanted his Haut Brions destroyed but the customer is always right…


DHL have attractive rates


Send it to me. I’ll be happy to destroy it over time!

Drop, Hide, Lose.

Although to be fair around here they are very good - only once lost a case of Chablis. I hope it was enjoyed by someone, somewhere.

Is it not just a way of constricting market supply? Put in 100 bids for Burlotto a £33 each, then destroy 50%, and sell rest for £700/BTL through he secondary market?

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I guess if it’s IB and now worth less than the VAT & duty (by more than £14)

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That’s what I figured. If you decide it’s useless, maybe inherited and past it, then you will still be paying their cellar fee and if it’s not worth paying the duty and VAT (and delivery) on it it’s maybe cheaper to get them to destroy it.