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What’s in your basket: September & October 2021

Top few reds might make an appearance around Xmas time.
The Grádus Cuvée, Sebestyén, Szekszárd 2016 I’m planning on opening relatively soon on the potential of adding a case to reserves.


On the wagon for a few months, but no harm in having a few easy drinkers to hand for anyone passing through.


Delivered today


Blimey, that should keep you going for…. oh, perhaps a week or two?!

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I always have the same guy from APC doing the deliveries and this morning he said
“So, see you again on Monday ?! :joy:
The reason for the delivery was purely to lower my BBR storage bill that’s coming soon


Just bought this for early November delivery.


See, I always plan to do that, and then I realise that the duty and VAT will cost more than the storage bill, and I leave it for another year. Crazy, I know.


I had that in mind too.
VAT and duty alone was £500 compared to storing those cases for around £120.

Given your luck I’m surprised any of it turned up!

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There’s 1 case missing actually :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I contacted BBR just after delivery and they confirmed it’s coming next week


Have you annoyed the wine gods somehow @Rafa ?

You seem to have enough wine related bad luck for the entire forum recently!

I’m glad to confirm all is well now

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I’ve edited this for accuracy. :grinning: (And I know I’m a fine one to talk…).


Another mixed selection from the W/S a few halves and bin ends to keep our everyday wines in good supply.

Tenute Martarosa Due Versure Terre Degli Osci 2019
IT32721• 1 Bottle £9.95

The Society’s Exhibition Côte de Brouilly 2020
BJ8901• 1 Bottle £9.95

St Andrea Napbor White Blend 2019
HU1561• 1 Bottle £7.95

Bononia Estate Gamza 2019
BG381• 1 Bottle £8.00

Bulgarian Heritage Mavrud, Via Vinera 2017
BG371• 1 Bottle £8.00

Santa Tresa Riana Ianca Sicilia Grillo-Viognier 2020
IT33251• 1 Bottle £8.25

Franciacorta Brut, Ferghettina NV
SG3221• 1 Bottle £19.00

Vadio Rosé Bruto, Bairrada 2018
SG3281• 1 Bottle £18.50

The Society’s Exhibition Saint-Aubin Blanc 2019
BU78631• 1 Bottle £18.00

Kaseler Nies’chen Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2019
GE14181• 1 Bottle £16.00

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2019
GE14331• 1 Bottle £16.00

Bleasdale The Wise One Tawny Langhorne Creek
AU14211A• 1 Bottle £11.50

Half bottle of Ventoux Les Traverses, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2019
RH56922• 1 Bottle £5.25

Half bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Vigna Corvino 2020
IT32962• 1 Bottle £4.75

Half bottle of Château Angludet, Margaux 2012
CM16882• 1 Bottle £14.95

Half bottle Crozes-Hermitage Mule Blanche, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2017
RH53002• 1 Bottle £11.50

Samos Anthemis 2014 50cl
GR1961• 1 Bottle £9.50

Minervois Rosé, Château Sainte Eulalie 2020
FC40321• 1 Bottle


A selection after my own heart! :grinning:

The Santa Tresa looks interesting - I missed on their Cerasulo di Vittoria, so might have to do with their white instead. will be interested to hear your thoughts.
The Crozes-Hermitage blanc is delicious! :ok_hand:

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Last day here in Moravia (memo to self - should have made that a week…) two out of four visits netted this tantalising selection to be carted back to Blighty.

Czech wines are a bit like Swiss - ever so good, but very little makes it out of their own country as the locals snaffle it all up.

And a view of the vineyards of Slechtitelska winery above the village of Velké Pavloviche.

interesting local varieties abound - all “proper” viniferas…


I have already tried this bottle, be interesting to see what you think, my own impression was very favourable, but as with all…

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Some festive goodies in the run up to Christmas…

Chianti Classico, Fontodi 2018
IT32801• 2 Bottles £42.00
Chianti Classico, Filetta di Lamole 2018
IT32791• 1 Bottle £20.00

Domaine Caroline Bellavoine Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2019
BU78861• 2 Bottles £31.00

District 7 Monterey Pinot Noir 2019
US9771• 1 Bottle £11.50

The Society’s Exhibition Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2019
US9701• 1 Bottle £14.95

‘Cuvée Le Levraut’, Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2020
BU79241• 1 Bottle £9.75

Spätburgunder, Markgräflerland, Martin Wassmer 2018
GE14141• 1 Bottle £14.50

Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Aligoté 201


A small stock up of whites. 6 each of these two…


and the 2020 vintage of this one…



While people were going Pataille-mad, I couldn’t help noticing what Julia Harding had to say about this…


and naturally a case is on its way to reserves.