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What’s in your basket: September & October 2021

Of course, not surprised :joy: it’s seriously good value for money. Should’ve bought more but didn’t want to go over 12 bottles this time


They do still do it for bin ends or the current ‘Summer Clearance offer’ Wine Bin Ends | Clearance | The Wine Society So it is a little odd that they aren’t doing it for price reductions.

Actually I’d have to say it is, in my view, a little silly that they currently have a ‘Fine Wine Bin Ends,’ a ‘Summer Clearance Sale’ and a ‘Price Reductions’ and why is the latter one only on the home page and not in the offers section?

I guess the difference is that the reductions one is not actually and offer but a ‘permanent’ reduction.


A basket I’ve been mulling over turned into an order placed:


Finally ordered some in house Pauillac to be left for a good few years and a mixed bag to see us through to the festive season….

Glorioso Reserva, Rioja 2016
SP16201• 1 Bottle £11.95
Pauillac, Ulysse 2018
CM27401• 2 Bottles £46.00

Seguret Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages Tradition, Domaine de Mourchon 2015
RH47661• 1 Bottle £11.95

The Wolftrap, Western Cape 2020
Ventoux Rouge Terrasses, Château Pesquié 2019
RH60621• 1 Bottle £10.95
Aglianico del Vulture, Le Ralle 2018
IT33051• 1 Bottle £8.95

Cheverny Réserve ‘Enclos du Petit Chien’, Alpha Loire Domaines 2019
LO16911• 1 Bottle £9.50

The Wolftrap, Western Cape 2020
SA17141• 1 Bottle £8.25

Grignan-les-Adhémar, Delas 2019
RH57161• 2 Bottles £17.90

Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie, Domaine des Ratelles 2019
LO16111• 1 Bottle £7.95

Côtes-du-Rhône, Château Courac 2017
RH60071• 5 Bottles £44.75

Blind Spot Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc 2019
AU23161• 1 Bottle £8.95

‘Dirt Track’ Chenin Blanc by Duncan Savage, Swartland 2020
SA16931• 2 Bottles £15.90


Autumn restock and a couple of the Bin #10 from reserves.


Pretty pleased to find this. Wanted to try for ages. Any recommendations for food welcomed.


Thought that this looked ideal for the approaching autumn evenings.

You can catch Marcel talking through the wines here

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Its proving an expensive day.

Domaine de Montille, Saint-Aubin Premier Cru En Remilly 2017

  • Code: BU70151

  • 1 Bottle

  • £38.00

  • Cart

Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py 2019

  • Code: BJ8871

  • 1 Bottle

  • £14.50

  • Cart

The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2012

  • Code: RH43811

  • 1 Bottle

  • £33.00

  • Cart

The Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2019

  • Code: IT30241

  • 1 Bottle

  • £7.75

  • Cart

Domaine des Côteaux de Font Curé, Beaujolais-Villages Blanc 2020

  • Code: BJ8921

  • 1 Bottle

  • £9.50

  • Cart

Domaine Grégoire Hoppenot, Fleurie Les Moriers 2019

  • Code: BJ8781

  • 1 Bottle

  • £16.00

  • Cart

Xinomavro Naoussa, Thymiopoulos 2018

  • Code: GR1901

  • 3 Bottle

  • £43.50

  • Cart

The Society’s Exhibition Chenin Blanc, Western Cape 2020

  • Code: SA17381

  • 3 Bottle

  • £40.50

  • Cart

Rosso di Montalcino, Canalicchio di Sopra 2019

  • Code: IT32451
  • 1 Bottle
  • £19.50

Nice collection, you are going to have a lot of fun with that lot. I didn’t know there was a white BJL on offer - that’s a definite buy for me because the previous BJL Blanc from TWS was sublime. You might want to have a punt at TWS exhibition St Aubin '19 - had it at the press tasting and was one of the stars.

The Hermitage, well… that’s Christmas day sorted.


Just got two bottles of the En Remilly delivered today. Plan is to try at the weekend. Hope it is either bad or that it won’t go OOS by then.

Good point. Need to try that.


Two Madeira tasting kits ordered, because there’s no possible way to maintain marital harmony with single 30ml portions.

The price of this tasting kit is very reasonable, particularly when you look at the wines being tasted. However, this means it doesn’t quite make up the minimum £75 for free delivery, so added a bottle of this on the back of @lapin_rouge’s glowing tasting note from the press tasting

Can I ask where you get the details of the 6 tasting bottles? That link just says 6x Blandy’s Madeira, but no details of which ones they are :smiley:

It’s on the page for the tasting - don’t forget to register if you buy the sample pack.

Click the About this event +


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The details say 6x5cl. I think you and Mrs B are in for a good evening😃


To quote the despicable Bruce Robertson, “Same rules apply”

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Keen for your views on this one @Brocklehurstj if you crack it soonish

Will post my views when it gets opened. Feels a bit autumnal to me so you might not have too long to wait. Don’t think I’ve tried anything with Sagrantino in it before. There are a few bottles. I don’t think it will sell fast unless everyone jumps on it following Lapin’s review.


Couple of mixed cases as a top up coming next week…
Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Solera
SH671• 1 Bottle £14.95

Frappato, Terre Sicilia, Mandrarossa 2020
IT32691• 1 Bottle £9.95

Domaine Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Rouge 2018
BU72951• 1 Bottle £17.50

Fronton Le Beau Vin, Château Bouissel 2016
FC40051• 1 Bottle £8.95

Côtes-du-Rhône, Saint Cosme 2015
RH46521• 1 Bottle £9.95

Taurasi Riserva Piano di Montevergine Feudi di San Gregorio 2013
IT32841• 1 Bottle £29.00

Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva, Coppiole, Bichi Borghesi 2016
IT32221• 1 Bottle £14.50

Côte Roannaise Éclat de Granite, Domaine Sérol 2020
FC40741• 1 Bottle £11.95

Château Puygueraud, Bordeaux Côtes de Francs 2016
CS10581• 1 Bottle £16.00

Château Peyrabon, Haut-Médoc 2009
CM23191• 1 Bottle £21.50

Grádus Cuvée, Sebestyén, Szekszárd 2016
HU1721• 1 Bottle £20.50

Eruzione 1614 Carricante, Planeta 2018
IT32981• 1 Bottle £18.50

Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese, Pio Cesare 2019
IT32361• 1 Bottle £17.50

Domaine Caroline Bellavoine Bourgogne Aligoté 2020
BU78871• 1 Bottle £14.50

Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Spätlese, Josef Schmitt 2018
GE13401• 1 Bottle £12.50

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Hatschbourg, Joseph Cattin 2018
AL15971• 1 Bottle £13.50

St. Dune El Beyda McLaren Vale Grenache Blanc 2020
AU24051• 1 Bottle £12.95

Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2019
AU23641• 1 Bottle £11.95

Vin de France ‘Résilience’ Chenin Blanc, Alexandre Cady 2020
LO16731• 1 Bottle £9.95

Colle Ticchio Cesanese del Piglio, Corte dei Papi 2019
IT32471• 1 Bottle £9.95

Bourgueil ‘Passion’, Joël Taluau 2020
LO16761• 1 Bottle £9.50

Domäne Wachau Collection Federspiel Riesling 2020
AA3201• 1 Bottle £9.25

Ventoux Les Traverses, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2019
RH56921• 1 Bottle £8.75

Pinot Blanc, Cave de Turckheim 2019
AL15581• 1 Bottle £8.25


Some beauts on there. Two in particular caught my attention - the Grignolino is a lovely wine IMO, while the Eruzione really is a treat; quite assertive & severe, but a lovely depth & breadth of taste. Interesting to hear what you think. I’ve put a case in reserves FWIW.

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Had this last night, so good and VFM especially when my wife said get some more

Cruz de Piedra Garnacha, Calatayud 2019, so a dozen ordered