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What’s in your basket: September & October 2021

I paid 14.95 on 20 August.

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Wow, thought it was good value then. Sort of glad they kept a little quiet about the price reduction as its been my favourite so far of the mixed xino case I got earlier in the year so I can hopefully buy more when I have some spare funds!

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Ooops, sorry about that

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Oct order

A small order - I am still aiming to reduce stocks in the house, but wanted to try these.


There do seem to have been a few price reductions feeding through across the range. Mildy irritated that I shipped in a half case of these at the original £14.95, but it’s obviously good that the Society is in a place to do this.

I wonder how long it will last in the current inflationary climate!

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I had a Cote Rotie I bought from TWS one time for £60 and a few weeks later it was reduced to £50. That felt a bit painful, but c’est la vie!

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I recall that they said this would happen, some prices went up in the aftermath of Brexit and Pandemic but would do they could to reduce again when in a better position. The last price change came with the last list.


And just like that I see the website has been updated with a ‘price reduction section’




There are quite a few wish-listers in there that are now even more tempting… and fortunately only one I’d already bought at the higher price.


Which doesn’t include the previous ‘sold at’ price…

Has the society ever done this?

Don’t know but I would have thought it would aid sales, unless the reductions are laughably small.

I’d imagine it’s 50p off here and a quid off there on most wines - not sure if there are proportionately bigger reductions on the pricier ones.

It’s not going to make anyone rich but there are a lot of reduced wines so it’s great that they can pass any savings on. And let’s be honest, there’s not much else actually coming down in price at the minute.


I hope I am not talking out of turn - but the principles are set out in TWS blurb.

Any profits are returned to the members via reductions in wine price. And our TWS (note the use of the word ‘our’) did rather well last year with increased turnover courtesy lockdown, combined with greater efficiencies in the warehouse & delivery.

So there you go, no mystery. 50p off here, £1 off there reflects efficiency savings & anticipated profit in the UK on existing stock. Discounts on pricier wines would reflect savings from overseas? ((ps: not an accountant))

I suspect this is a ‘blip’ and might not last - make hay etc.


Decantalo order turned up today, order placed last Tuesday and it arrived today. Not bad service at all.

Small order of a few favourite Riojas to see me through to Christmas, including a couple of Gran Reservas for Christmas Day and maybe a special Rosado that I don’t want to share with the family :joy::joy::joy:

Seriously impressed with Decantalo once again


Now that is certainly a very nice delivery, Sir :~}

Decantalo are always reliable and impressive in my experience; and one of the first - or maybe the first I think - to get their UK-processes going again post-B-word. Hats off to them. I only wish Superiore in Germany were as efficient - such an impressive range of Italian wines on offer, but their post-B-word arrangements, if one can call them that, have left me reluctant to go near them for fear of what UK-customs will administer on any package incoming.


I seem to recall they were one of the first, very efficient and good customer service. I once had the wrong wine sent and they resolved it via one email and sent the correct bottles out to me. I assume they must do a fair amount of business with UK customers to make it so worthwhile for them.


I’m a bit worried about their efficiency now. I placed an order on Friday precisely because it was estimating delivery on the 15th of this month. Fingers are now crossed that it doesn’t arrive early and/or the neighbours are kind to it (a case of LdH Bosconia 2010, naturellement :smiley:).


If you need a safe delivery place I’m happy to provide my home address as I’ll be in the day of your delivery :joy:


That Pruno is great value, I just had a case of it delivered too :star_struck:.