What’s in your basket: September & October 2021

Not really in my basket, but did arrive today as a very belated birthday present.

200ml samples of each, very much looking forward to opening all of them.


I got one of those last year, only the Malmsey left. Very enjoyable

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Got a couple of low stock bottles today after the email about the Portuguese wines


Two posts in and I have all the wine envy in the world! Strong start @Brocklehurstj and @Rafa!


This is coming on Friday :slight_smile:


Woo, also received this email today.

3 bottles of wine from the flood-stricken Ahr valley via a German crowd-funding website (I hope).

I think I did it properly because my German comprehension is precisely zero, despite studying for a year aged 14. Google says the following, so I am hopeful:

Three bottles of flood wine from the Ahrweiler region without a hangtag.

Under the label #flutwein we combine various quality wines from the Ahrweiler region, which have become a limited rarity due to the flood. They have a symbolic value. The content is noble, the packaging - in memory of the catastrophe - limited and originally muddy.

The allocation of your bottles is random. You will receive three premium wines from the region.


Look forward to the tasting notes, pinpointing vineyard, producer and vintage.

Would you be kind enough to share a link? I can see lots of newspaper articles but not the website itself.

Google translation is pretty good, btw.

Might have to wash the mud off for that!

As for the website, it was posted by @PHarvey in the Ahr Valley flooding thread here. Not sure if it is still running or the campaign is closed.

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FWIW I bought 2 x mixed 6’s and they are due to be delivered late October. One to my French address and the other to the UK. Of note is no apparent supplement for delivery. In fact I had an advice note only yesterday. When I ordered them, only the limited numbered bottles with special commemorative neck tags were sold out, there were plenty of the 6’s left.


It appears that the Flutwein sale has finished - at least I couldn’t see how to order and the fundraising period appeared to have closed on 1st September.

Anyway, here’s part of an order of mainly white wines, most of which I’m trying for the first time. Thanks to those who have recommended some of these


Arriving tomorrow

Placed these into reserves


Fingers went slippy after I received an email about a sale at The Sourcing Table. Single bottles, all new to me.


Not the dreaded ‘Slippy Finger Syndrome’ so afflicting large numbers of our fellow community? 'Tis indeed a dreadful affliction. I myself succumbed to a case of this:


2018 vintage, very good reviews and a memorable tasting a few years ago now, plus a drink to 2070 date - Yes! The perfect wine to last till ones centenary and beyond.


I hope that you make it :slight_smile:


Me too!! Here’s hoping!


That’s a lovely present to your future self. Only had it a few times, but always exceptional. Will be great to see which of you grows old more gracefully :rofl::rofl:

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I thought you were under a imposed wine buying moratorium. :rofl:


But, but…it’s a sale. I can’t afford not to.

Edit: anyway, they must be wise to me, because it’s being delivered today, there’s no going back now.


Please may I join the buying unnecessarily gang?
See below for my bonafides.

|||El Mondongo Garnacha, Calatayud 2018

SP16851• 1Bottle £15.50

|||Whistler Wines ‘Shiver Down My Spine’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2019

AU23571• 1Bottle £19.50

|||Spätburgunder, Markgräflerland, Martin Wassmer 2018

GE14141• 1Bottle £14.50

|||Domaine Coudert, Fleurie Clos de la Roilette 2019

BJ8631• 1Bottle £12.95

|||Koyle Cerro Basalto Garnatxa 2018

CE11091• 1Bottle £14.95


|||Online - ‘Sipsize’ - The Big 5: An Introduction to Pinot Noir

TG210921V • 1 Tickets £0.00

Order prompted by the appearance of the fun-to-say Mondongo. Not tried but sounds EXACTLY my sort of thing.
The Wassmer has been on the wish list for years thanks to @NickFoster’s enthusiasm. Will open for the sipsize pinot noir online event.
The other three also ordered for educational purposes.


It arrived. It’s glorious. I now have 5 bottles over what I can keep in the flat in decent condition.