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What’s in your basket: November & December 2021

Probably my last order before Christmas. That’s the plan anyway.

Cellar defenders at the back, but the port, Gigondas and a bottle of the Sauternes will almost certainly be for Christmas/Boxing Day


Speaking of Christmas bottles, are you by any chance going to the Quaff Christmas tasting this evening? If so, might catch you there :grinning:

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Alas, sadly not! I must have missed the email about that. As it happens, my lovely 3 year old gave me a largely sleepless night last night (she’s not sick or anything, just will not sleep in her bed and is the wriggliest little darling you could possible imagine when she comes in with us) so I probably would have had to pull out even I’d got a ticket. Please let me know if there are any gems that I need to pick up!


I thought it was time to buy one of these again


until I saw the price. I’ve had a few over the years and looking back in 2012 it was £9.95 a 50cl bottle. Then it was a bargain; now for the money I’d go for a Madeira.

A modest 4 bottle delivery just arrived, surely my last before Christmas


Hmmm, that lasted 17 minutes


Our last of the year, a few Christmassy treats plus the bargain Nyetimber 6, arriving tomorrow.



Well, 'twas a fun evening, with lots of good wines! The favourites were (in no particular order):

A really zesty and distinctive Sauv Blanc

Not very complex but extremely delicious Viognier - my other half loved it (and not just because of the price tag)

I thought this was a smashing Coteaux de Layon, though by that part of the evening probably anything would have made me happy! :smiley:

There was also a beautiful Lustau Moscatel, but as usual - they haven’t quite got round to updating their website :roll_eyes:

A quaffable Macon Villages

This was SO good. Brioche and baked apples and beautiful mousse… Just lovely!

Complex and incredibly fresh and herbal Vacqueryas… I’m definitely going to invest in a couple.

Enjoyed this Bordeaux very much - very balanced and smooth.

Fun! :partying_face:

Another incredibly fresh, lifted and herbal red - long finish!

And my favourite of the evening was probably this SA red blend from Mullineux:

Pinotage* pirouetting with Syrah (and the rest of the cast) - superb!

EDIT: the Kloof Street vintage we had was different in blend to the one on their (as usually un-updated) website…

  • Questioning whether it did have Pinotage in it now… :thinking:

:santa: :christmas_tree:


Thanks so much for this Inbar! There are a few here that I’m definitely interested. Mrs H loves a viognier so that’s definitely going to make its way into a basket soon. The cremant, Coteaux du layon, Vacqueyras, Pic St Loup and the SA blend sound pretty tempting too :+1:t2:

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Kloof St Red is one of my discoveries of 2021 - a really classy bottle.

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Last TWS order before Christmas, coming next week. Many a favourite, but also a few new ones to me:


Because I want to know what the excitement is all about!


Loved the 1991 and 1999 vintages, so thank you @MikeFranklin for the tip about the 2006


Only ever had one other varietal Nascetta (though I think it hides in Luigi Baudana’s Langhe ‘Dragon’). I’m a sucker for white from Piedmont - Arneis is a case in point, so will be interesting to try this version.


Love a Baga!


Something mature for the Christmas period


A Cerasuolo is not just for summer…

Sherry, Sauternes and a few others complete the order, and I’m likely to buy a few things from my local merchants too. Now to earn some money rather than spend it for a change… :roll_eyes:


@peterm - £6.75/btl from Tesco with Clubcard + buy 6 discount


Wow! Thanks for that @winechief - I wasn’t aware…

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Nice new profile pic!

Edit: Definitely more West Yorkshire than Barossa


Haha - I just felt the original didn’t really resemble me anymore - i.e. clean shaven and wearing a shirt (think I was new at the job). But now I realise the original pic cut the top of my head off and in this one I’m wearing a hood! So you might think I’m follicly challenged… But I can assure you there are some gorgeous locks underneath :wink:

Edit - finally managed to add my CT detail as well (although not hard to work out)


Ha! Mine’s about twenty years old and I’ve certainly changed some in that time! I just don’t have many photos of myself knocking around so just grabbed whatever was available at the time! Must get around to another one sometime!


Nice pic - the little person on the left looks like they know their stuff!


@winechief - again thanks. Went to Tesco today and got 6 Kadette which was the sum total of wines I intended to buy, then I saw the Bellingham Pinotage discounted to £8 (then 25%off), so I had to have 4 of them at £6 then I saw ‘Finest’ (which is made by Stellenrust) discounted to £6 (then 25%off) so I had to have 2 at £4.50 then I forced myself to quit the wine aisle.


Went in for a selection of Thorne & Daughters 2020s at L&W today.


Was thrilled to see that this is in stock again after enjoying it so much last week! Bought a case.