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What’s in your basket: November & December 2021

Mixed case in to reserves, for enjoyment in 5-10 years.


Chianti Classico, Fontodi 2018

Code: IT32801


López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva, Rioja 2009

Code: SP16671


Leeuwin Estate Art Series Margaret River Chardonnay 2018

Code: AU24311


12 of these going to reserves.


No drinking dates on the society page but from other sources it seems it’ll be long lived.

Also taking a punt on 6 Xanadu '18



First of several deliveries from reserves (from TWS and elsewhere) due this week has landed:-

Coudoulet from 2015 (6 x magnums), 2016 (12 x bottles), 2017 (3 x double magnums). The double magnums are hugely impressive. I also have 16 and 19 double mags still to come.

Tomorrow’s TWS delivery now eagerly awaited.


Just arrived, first order since July!

Some favourite sub-£10 throaters:

And some that will get a bit more attention in the glass:

The Blaufränkisch and the Cape Heritage Blend are Society wines I’ve been meaning to try for a while now; the Perdiguier is great value and I haven’t had the '07 yet; and it’s time to give the Bellavoine Bourgogne a whirl now that the cork problem has been solved.

And I’ve wanted to try something from Berthaut (-Gerbet) for years now, so I’ve been keeping an eye on the list since Toby The Buyer mentioned back at the beginning of the year that they were going to start stocking them. The only problem will be my high expectations…!

The interloper in the second photo is the extra bottle of Society’s Australian Shiraz, which was a groaner of a picking error because there were meant to be two bottles of the Fixin! :man_facepalming:

Anyway, Member Services were great: they said to keep the rogue shiraz, and another bottle of the Berthaut-Gerbet Fixin will be :crossed_fingers: arriving on Saturday.


Next instalment of reserves deliveries:-

Only slight disappointment was that the 2017 Cantegril arrived in a rather tatty cardboard box. The last vintage I purchased (2012) came in a very smart OWC.

Eurocave now full and two of three “everyday” wine bins full as well. One final delivery to come.


A bit of a top-up before the festive season, so a nice bottle is never too far away. A mixture of old favourites and some new to try (Pataille Bourgogne, Cote Du Brouilly, Cuvee Le Levraut, Navajas & Escaravailles) following good reviews from the community.


A sudden rush on Madeira expedited completion of a little basket I’d been gathering.

Plus the last 3 of these from my local M&S food this afternoon (thanks @GannetKeith )

And one of these arrived today

Thanks @Kc100


Now in reserves thanks to @Brocklehurstj for highlighting and advice.
I notice on CT that a few other community regulars have some also.


Yep, been sticking cases of this away since his first vintage. A superstar in the making.


A box of this arrived today, along with a box of the 2019 Normale.

Must admit, it’s not all for me, halvsies with a friend.


An early Christmas present - free wine from Reserves!

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 18.50.50

I’ve also sent a mixed case of 3 bottles each of two Reserves wines made up to a case of 12 with 6 wines bought from the current listing, as a gift - not sure if this was possible on the old website, but it’s a feature I’ll definitely use again in the future.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 18.56.25


Ooh, that’s clever. I don’t think it was possible before either, when can I expect delivery?


And tonight’s prize for marketing goes to : Gifts for Nature Lovers.


Or to put it another way… the wine name or the label features a nature scene. I’m still looking for the one which helps for a gift to the owner of a small brown rabbit.


Victoria Moore’s Wine Dine Dictionary suggests Cabernet Franc.


You still have the £5 to pay if the total value is less than £75, but the Reserves bit is free (as it’s multiples of 3 bottles or more).

I think the carrier firm may have lost your address… :wink:

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Christmas fizz ordered. 6 X TWS brut and 6 X Villiera MCC. Unfortunately we are not trusted to partake in the 6+ 25% off supermarket deals in Scotland. The TWS promotions help heal our pain.

We are shortly away or a long weekend with friends and one evening a private chef has been booked to cook the evening meal. I have been tasked with sorting the wine for the meal and had fun pulling these together:

  • Cart

Riesling Estate, Famille Hugel 2016

  • Code: AL15741

  • 2 Bottle

  • £37.00

  • Cart

Banyuls Cuvée Léon Parcé, Domaine de la Rectorie 2018

  • Code: FC40511

  • 1 Bottle

  • £22.00

  • Cart

Ata Rangi Crimson Martinborough Pinot Noir 2019

  • Code: NZ13161

  • 2 Bottle

  • £48.00

  • Cart

Smith Woodhouse Madalena Vintage Port 2005

  • Code: PT2181

  • 1 Bottle

  • £30.00

  • Cart

Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Chardonnay 2019

  • Code: US9991
  • 1 Bottle
  • £20.00

Have also sorted away a case of

  • Cart

Minimalist ‘Stars in the Dark’, Cape Agulhas 2020

  • Code: SA17801
  • 1 Case of 6
  • £138.00

Not tried this before but took the recommendations earlier in the thread. Thank you @Brocklehurstj @willrcwyatt. It saved me from the Vergelegen EP offer as my finger was hovering over that for a while.

Also managed, a sneaky purchase of Flaccianello '08 (not TWS).


As Christmas approaches thought I’d treat myself to an early present of free wine!*

*£10 handling fee applies of course :wink:


Be interested to know your thoughts on this when you crack one.

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I sent the case to reserves and plan on leaving them there for a couple of years. Thats the plan anyway.

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