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What’s in your basket Nov & Dec 2022

Apologies if I’m wrong but I can’t see a new basket thread so thought best to start one.

Placed a small order yesterday morning and it arrived this morning.

A couple of bottles of Warwick Trilogy, with added dust to show that they had been cellared! Only kidding I’m sure TWS doesn’t add dust like some supermarkets add smell.

I liked the sound of this Rioja so had to buy a bottle Vinos en Voz Baja Costumbres, Rioja Orientale 2020

And a bottle of the 2018 Crescendo. I know it’s probably 10 years too early but I have 6 in reserves so couldn’t resist trying it now.

Anyone filling their basket for Christmas yet?


Most of the wine I buy goes to reserves but these arrived yesterday



Let me know what that Rioja is like - I thought it sounded great.

I picked up a bottle of Domaine Berthaut Fixin Les Clos 2017 only to be delivered the Fixin Les Crais 2017 which is apparently out of stock. All fixed with a call to member services but just means another day when I have to wait around for a DHL driver to deliver the replacement and potentially a second to collect the return - a lot of faff.


A six pack of the Society’s Champagne will probably make it into mine, but only if it comes onto an enhanced deal. Last year this was around mid-November, ao fingers crossed.


Have you tried the 2019 Isole yet? Generally a favourite but I’ve not had that vintage.

Currently based on 2015 vintage (I think) - more richness than usual. Very good indeed.


I nearly bought that Le Pas de l’Aigle instead of the Moulin de Gardette kast week. I now wish I had (see my post in the weekend drinking thread)! :sob: :joy:

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I had a bottle delivered last month to assess the new vintage and it’s absolutely stellar!
Gorgeous even now with a good decant. A few weeks after I had the 2017 Fontodi and the Isole e Olena was by far my favourite even though the Fontodi had the advantage of more aging.
I liked it so much that I got a case delivered


A small order coming on Thursday, before the big order for Christmas next month, which I’m still putting together; so many alluring bottles… :grimacing: Keep us from Temptation, as Heaven 17 warned.


Had a very good review in the recent Decanter (or maybe the one before…? :thinking:), but anyway looks like a cosy winter warmer, and an antidote to this tedious wind.


Had this a couple times before - bought from a local merchant. Lo and behold, the Society sells it for £3 cheaper… so in the basket it went. Quaffable mid-week Mencia, with some lovely floral notes.


Cause you can never have enough white Rhône… etc etc




If there is one thing certain in this world (my world, at least) it is that this bottle is destined to by my birthday bottle. Now, to wait till April… :sleeping:


Can’t find a reason why not to buy this one… the 2016 was awesome.


The other half wanted some Loire SB - so I obliged. It wasn’t difficult to oblige.


I’m a huge fan of Donnafugata wines, and virtually any I tried from their range so far I loved. I hope this continues the trend… Their labels are not too shabby either. I noticed yesterday that Waitrose is selling a Nero d’Avola blend from them now… a visit is due.

So many wines, and a human’s life is just too short :clinking_glasses: :slightly_smiling_face:


You gave me a good reminder how much I also love white Rhone I have bought a few bottles thanks to you. Will report back when I have opened one should be next week.

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An order mainly from the Christmas list:

Boekenhoutskloof Cabernet Sauvignon, Franschhoek 2017 1 Bottle

Boekenhoutskloof Cabernet Sauvignon, Franschhoek 2019 1 Bottle

Single Vineyard Naoussa Xinomavro, Ktima Foundi 2018 1 Bottle £19.00

Alsace Riesling Réserve, Meyer-Fonné 2020 1 Bottle £15.50

Dragon Langhe Bianco, Luigi Baudana 2021 2 Bottles £23.00

I have enjoyed previous vintages of the Dragon Langhe Bianco, and I was very impressed earlier this year with a bottle of the Boekenhoutskloof Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch 2015, so decided to try the Franschoak bottlings.


Suertes del Marqués El Lance, Tenerife 2020 (thewinesociety.com)

Nice to see TWS getting onboard with some wines from Tenerife… however I would argue that the alcohol % on this wine is not 0% as stated … :sweat_smile: and more likely sits about 13.5-14 % :rofl:


Something a bit unusual about this link Leah. It immediately tells me I will be emailed when this wine is available. Never seen this before on TWS.

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I’ve changed the link… try now and it should say “currently out of stock and due in 11/11”

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Christmas order from TWS and a bottle I picked up last week from BBR.


A little free wine incoming.

I’ve also bought this for the impending c-word.


Also a heads up: The soonest delivery I could get from TWS (either courier or SRV) is next Monday already, so they’re getting busy!

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I bought the crusted port early as it ran out last year by December

Christmas & beyond: Whisky order from whiskybroker. The Ardmore & Auchriosk have two years finishing in Australian Cabernet Sauvignon barriques - Reschke Winery, Coonawarra. The Lowland I think is Ailsa Bay which I have had before and is surprisingly very good, just a standard refill bourbon barrel.

All are cask strength, no caramel, no chill filtering.

Auchroisk Speyside 11 y/o £45
Ardmore Highland 13 y/o £47 - this is a strange one - the wine cask previously held Caol Ila!
Mystery Lowland 10 y/o £36

And that is my whisky budget spent. Unless anything affordable from Springbank crops up!