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What’s in your basket? - March - April 2020

A couple of interesting offers in Morrison’s today.

The Lustau was reduced from £12 to £4. The halves of Croft Quinta da Roeda Vintage Port 2005 to £7.

Interestingly neither offer was on the shelf in the wine aisle. It was all by the cheese…


Did you put the cheese back to maximise trolley space for those other goodies?


Let’s just say the hand basket was quickly replaced by a trolley…


Currently there is a random assortment of wines in the basket… but that is sort of me in a nutshell.

It includes this Corsican red which wowed me on French wine scholar’s most recent lesson:

… which generated curiosity about how the Corsicans interpret a Vermentino (it being one of my first grapey loves):

A Marzemino, to satisfy the need for lighter reds as Spring approaches (if only on the calendar!):

A Dominique Piron, because I’m growing to love his wines more and more with every new wine I try (and can WS please stock his Beaujolais Blanc :pray:):

Something to do with Spring (again!):

and recommended in this month’s Decanter:

Lots more, but won’t bore you to death! :smiley:


Bit of a rebel…and went to Waitrose who have Verdejo on an offer …so Beronia 2018 Verdejo and 4 Resrve de Mistral 2017 from Maison Perrin to make up the free collection.
Reserves do need a review as a storage invoice is imminent…


I have been looking for this for some time now - and can’t find any! Not even in the large Hove shop which has a really good selection…
Tim Atkin recommends it on his site as an excellent vfm CnDP alternative! I shall continue my search… :slight_smile:

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Good morning Inbar …it’s hard to find in store as is Verdejo but online at Waitrose is where I scored yesterday…
It’s just 3 clicks away​:crossed_fingers::thinking:


Of course! that’s the answer! I have ordered things via Waitrose Cellar before - as some bottles (e.g. their St Laurent, or ‘on the QT’ range) are just impossible to find in the shop(s) I go to. Should have thought of it before :smiley:

Incidentally, my local seems to always stock the Beronia Verdejo. It’s frustrating how inconsistent these shops’ stocks are.

I got some of the Perrin from Waitrose Godalming a while ago. Don’t know if it’s still on the shelves now.

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To many Verdejo fans in North Dorset Inbar!

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Having just gotten the email from Vinissimus about new vintages of Gravonia, that’s what’s in my basket.

There’s also a couple of Rhone whites from last nights TWS tasting that will be winging their way to me via Society van too.

Both Vinissimus and decantalo are telling me its out of stock…:thinking:

I got an email telling me they’d made a mistake accepting my order and are sold out.

I think I’m going to put together a white Rioja mixed case and see if I can come up with a suitable replacement.

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It does seem to sell out almost immediately when I’ve received emails saying it is back in stock.

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Here’s hoping we may see some at TWS soon:slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully accompanied by a strict limit on bottles per member without going over old ground.

I did a pre-emptive Covid-19 panic buy of TWS wine at the weekend. If one is going to be barricaded at home, it makes sense to have a few ready-to-drink bottles handy. Importantly they must go whatever food one finds at the back of the freezer.


@Inbar - I would recommend you get yourself to the Co-op on Blatchington Road in Hove and you might score yourself a bargain?

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Ha! You’re right… :smiley:
If I can go all the way to Shoreham’s Co-op to source a cheaper Priorat, then Hove should be easy peasy!

Well, Waitrose Godalming did have 2 bottles of Reserve du Mistral on the shelf when I went to check today, though none when I left! Also my eye was caught by a solitary bottle of Veille Ferme red (at £6.49) which I felt I had to liberate. I don’t think I’ve ever been let down by a Perrin wine so not very worrying purchases.


A few from tonight’s Rhone tasting, plus one ringer to make up a half-case

RH51031 Cotes du Rhone Chateau de Montfaucon 2007 £25.00 1 Bottle £25.00
RH54371 Lirac Blanc Vin de Madame Comtesse Madeleine Chateau de Montfaucon 2016 £24.30 1 Bottle £24.30
RH49921 Crozes Hermitage Seduction Domaine Les Alexandrins 2015 £18.00 1 Bottle £18.00
RH46821 Saint Joseph Blanc Les Royes Dom Courbis 2015 £22.50 1 Bottle £22.50
RH47711 Saint Peray Ongrie Domaine Voge 2015 £22.95 1 Bottle £22.95
AL14741 Gewurztraminer Reserve Domaine Albert Boxler 2017 £26.00 1 Bottle £26.00