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What’s in your basket? - March 2020


A small L&W reserves delivery instead of all those orders contemplated.


Just picked up some more Fourrier - Gevrey village 2015 and 2017


Thanks, hadn’t spotted that had come back into stock, and very reasonable pricing


Not sure I should really thank you for the heads up as Bank balance now considerably lower. Just bagged a couple each of the 2014 and 2015


I am literally overdrawn today as a result of Burgundy and Barolo buying… so I feel your pain. But it’s an investment in future pleasure!


Delivery from reserves today to stock up new wine fridge:


What’s the Jadot?


It’s this:


I normally try not to spend more than £25 per bottle, however decided to treat myself to 6 bottles of the Fourrier

Looking at the reviews the ‘15 seemed to get better marks than the ‘14 ( and I couldn’t afford the 16s!)


Very small order, couldn’t resist a few of the SA treasures, plus my favourite (affordable) bottle from the Rhone tasting



I’m lacking inspiration for my current stock order. I’ve got the next TWS Taste bottles and a range of whites sorted, but I’m looking for some interesting sub-£10 midweek reds to round it out. Has anyone had anything recently they particularly enjoyed? Ideally looking for 3 or 4 bottles, not Pinot Noir, not Rhône…


I would be very keen you tried this and reported back… :wink:


Very happy to oblige!


I could suggest loads of sub £10 that I’ve had in the past but for particularly interesting ones, here’s a few:

Cracking sub £10 Bordeaux:

I always have one or two of these in the house. Fantastic VFM in my opinion:

Another fantastic VFM Rioja that never fails to please me:


I have not tried it yet, but it’s coming my way - and I love the grape:

I also absolutely love this Marcillac:

And this SA wine was a real hit with both me and the other half last year:

I’ll stop there, or I could be here all day!! :grin:


My ever evolving order now looks like this… I have actually not taken delivery of anything from TWS since 11 January, contrary to all the orders contemplated. I think I will go through this one as keen on the next #twstaste event, delivery in April though so anything can happen.

Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenere 2017 £17.00
The Society’s Exhibition Rheingau Riesling 2018 £13.95
The Society’s Exhibition Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2018 £12.95
Viognier La Coume Pilate Collines Rhodaniennes Chapoutier 2017 £14.50
Furmint, Peter Wetzer 2018 £17.00


Great suggestions, thanks @Inbar and @MikeFranklin. The Bordeaux and Marzemino are definitely going in. I’m very familiar with the Biferno and agree it’s a really good drop for the money. Baccolo is another cracker in that category if you haven’t tried it.

As for the others, I’ve tried them before but not these vintages and not for a long time. They’re overdue for revisiting. I might well stick them all in to be honest… Many thanks!


I also liked the Biferno. My fave in that price bracket has been this (although it looks to be between vintages at the moment):


Let us know how the Marzemino is, @Inbar!

I stocked up on a few bottles the other day, including The Society’s Hungarian White (cheap, cheerful and very easy drinking) -

… and The Society’s London Dry Gin, which is also easy drinking, so I might have to ration my measures…


Ordered some halves as it’s usually only me drinking these days. Joining the tasting in April and got a Chilean pinot recommended by @Vino Veritas. Ditched the Burgundy in favour of the two wines for the tasting.
|1 Bottle|BU69292|Half bottle of Domaine Mallory et Benjamin Talmard Macon Villages 2017|6.50|6.50|
|1 Bottle|RH53582|Half bottle of Cotes du Rhone Rouge Guigal 2016|5.50|5.50|
|1 Bottle|CE10801|Villard Grand Vin Le Pinot Noir Casablanca 2018|19.00|19.00|
|1 Bottle|LO15332|Half bottle of Val de Loire Collection Rouge J Mourat 2018|5.50|5.50|
|1 Bottle|FC36661|Domaine le Mesclances Charmes IGP Mediterranee 2018|7.50|7.50|
|1 Bottle|CM16792|Ch Beaumont 2012 Haut Medoc Halves|8.25|8.25|
|1 Bottle|SP14462|La Rioja Alta Vina Arana Reserva Rioja 2011 half|10.95|10.95|
|1 Bottle|US9001|The Society’s Exhibition Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2018|12.95|12.95|
|1 Bottle|GE13441|The Society’s Exhibition Rheingau Riesling 2018|13.95|13.95|