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What’s in your basket? - March 2020


Vinissimus showing it as back in stock


You are a total superstar!! Just ordered :muscle::grimacing::grimacing:! Thanks so much :wink:.


Likewise, but still planning a case of white rioja to experiment with alternatives!


Let us know which ones you went for :wink:


Good morning Inbar hope you found your Mistral…we opened one last night, thoroughly enjoyed it but my wife and I agreed Tim Atkins 2027 end date might be a bridge to far. We’re going with 23 at best. That said it’s a lovely expression of GSM, light touch of farmyards…

Once again RFD ranges are to ambitious…


I’ve tried a few alternatives to Tondonia (although it is really difficult to find a true alternative given the lengthy bottle ageing). I’ve not really got on with Abel Mendoza blancos, not really sure why but they don’t really hit the spot for me. Plácet Valtomelloso is very good and Allende has a very good rep. I love the CVNE Monopole Classico and many other regions in Spain are copying the ageing in used sherry barrels. My wine loving pal who has retired to Spain recommended this to me recently as being in that style but I haven’t bought one yet despite the great label.



Thanks for the recommendation, I have a coupe of bottles I bought a few years ago of CVNE monopole classico but have yet to drink them, I cant even remember if they were TWS… possibly not. I do think this style of wine is a winelovers wine though but the fact they are difficult to get hold of clearly shows they are in demand.


Yes, TWS did stock Monopole Classico - I bought mine from them. Another white Rioja producer I am waiting to try is Olivier Riviere whose La Bastid Blanco is in my case winging its way to me from Vinissimus. He also does a sherry barrel aged white Jequitiba (?) which is on my “to try” list. Tondonia blanco reserve demand (and now increasingly Gravonia) seems to have gone mad in the last few years. Maybe people switching from white burgundy?


Dujac 2017’s have arrived, at pretty acceptable pricing compared to the wider market


Wild Pixie for a few years time, the others in hope of an early summer… its harder to be an optimist, but rewarding.
Looking forward to the frappato. We spent some time around Menfi a couple of years ago during a grand tour of Sicily and enjoyed frappato’s essence of summer.


The 2017 Dujac is really priced incredibly well vs the market. I’m not a huge Pinot drinker but the opportunity to score some bottles from a top producer is one I could not let slip. These will sleep in my wine fridge for some time!


Just received the following. Quite excited, but it has brought to light a growing storage problem…

Product Code Product Name Despatch Qty UOM Unit Price Total Price /£
GR1601 Rapsani Terra Petra Thymiopoulos 2017 (Order Number 10352183) 1 BOTTLE 22.00 22.00
FC31731 Montpeyroux Bleu Velours Domaine la Jasse Castel 2015 (Order Number 10352183) 2 BOTTLE 21.00 42.00
IT27951A Foresco Umbria Barberani 2017 (Order Number 10352183) 1 BOTTLE 10.50 10.50
AU21981 Cullen Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2018 (Order Number 10352183) 1 BOTTLE 25.00 25.00
IT26221 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina 2016 (Order Number 10352183) 2 BOTTLE 11.95 23.90
FC34761 Cassis Clos Val Bruyere Chateau Barbanau 2016 (Order Number 10352183) 1 BOTTLE 11.50 11.50


I’ve given into the hype and slipped some Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin 2016 into reserves.

BIN END Saint Joseph Rouge Domaine Pichon 2014 Download PDF
BIN END Pinot Blanc Terroir Domaine Zinck 2016 Download PDF
BIN END Rasteau Chapoutier 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Faugeres Lou Cazalet Domaine Saint Antonin 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Sylvaner Leon Beyer 2016 Download PDF
BIN END Gewurztraminer Cave de Turckheim 2018 Download PDF
Bin End Cotes du Rhone Mon Coeur Selection JL Chave 2013 Download PDF
BIN END The Society’s Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Riesling Mosaik Kuentz Bas 2016 Download PDF
BIN END Momo Marlborough Pinot Noir 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Touraine Chenonceaux Domaine de la Renaudie 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Pinot Bianco Hofstatter 2018 Download PDF
BIN END Langhe Favorita Servaj Deltetto 2018 Download PDF
Bin End De Martino Gallardia del Itata Old Vine Muscat Corinto 2018 Download PDF
BIN END Kumeu Village Hand Harvested Pinot Noir 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Coteaux d’Aix en Provence La Source Blanc Chateau Vignelaure 2018 Download PDF
BIN END Modus Vivendi Treixadura Albarino Loureira 2018 Download PDF
BIN END Campanology Margaret River Chardonnay 2017 Download PDF
Bin End Ch de Beauregard St Veran Vernay 2016 Download PDF
BIN END Cairanne Peyre Blanche Famille Perrin 2017 Download PDF
BIN END Cotes du Roussillon Villages Lesquerde SCV Vignobles d’Agly 2018 Download PDF
BIN END The Society’s Corsican Rose 2018

Emergency preparations in case of any need to self-isolate, or any inability to get to the showroom for whatever reason.

There are no pdf’s unfortunately but this seemed to be the only way I could copy the list, and can’t edit at all.


Nice bin end harvest!


Better than taking all the bogroll off the supermarket shelves, I say :+1:


Yes, and I made sure there was still plenty left for everyone else!


Not TWS (sorry), but just had an email for another Waitrose 25% off when you buy 6+ on all wines…2001 Musar @£21 a bottle anybody…?


Well, it’s a lean month and I’ve just realised that we’re almost out of non-posh reds, but I’ve got some credit on the account so gone for this:

For me, it’s some new vintages of old favourites and some brand new wines as well. Looking forward to trying the Cape Heritage Blend :+1:


Last three (2016) bottles in Waitrose in Hove… yippeee! Picked two, and left one for @Bargainbob, just in case… :smiley: