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What’s in your basket [July-August 2021]

Great introductory selection - plenty to enjoy there.

Yes, I know. Missed them first time round, fancied one to try and the three bottles of Les Setilles would have been a useful restock on a good, well priced burgundy.

I’ve got lucky with single bottles on the site before, and have no issues if I miss something because I didn’t get there in time, but it’s a different matter when I have been let down by the technology.


The next set of problems will arise when it comes to picking the orders in the warehouse and it turns out numerous orders were placed simultaneously.

Might have just gone in for a selection of Loire whites for keeping to balance all the Riesling and white Burgundy in the ageable whites department. Also a boost to my Dagueneau allocation.

2016 Savennières Le Bel Ouvrage, Damien Laureau
2019 Sancerre Blanc, Domaine Paul Prieur et Fils
2018 Vouvray Plaisir Ancestrale, Domaine Vincent Carême


Retrieving two cases from reserves which I bought a month ago when they were on offer…

Jaume Vinsobres Alt 420 2017

Society Sicilian Red 2017

being split with a fellow WS member who lives very close.

Managed to sneak in another mixed case comprising:

The weather is of course set to break down before these arrive…


The beautiful red van arrived with a little top up before the weekend and a few samples to consider for case purchases.

Really excited to try the Whistler Wines brought in by @Freddy.

Also intrigued by the Loosen-Barry riesling mash-up. Bring on the weekend!


I absolutely love that Beaumes de Venise! Got hooked on it when we tasted it on my French wine scholar, took the rest of the bottle home (disappeared very quickly for a sweet wine), and bought a few more since. It’s full-on, but has an incredible depth of flavour.


Excellent, I look forward to it. We are having apricot clafoutis for dessert tomorrow evening so I thought it might be a good match. Have been spoiled with BdV at the RhoneA cave in recent years but supplies have now dwindled to a single bottle so I thought it was worth trying what TWS have to offer given I won’t get to the cave again for some time! Every time we drink something like BdV (usually Christmas or some celebration meal) I’m always left thinking I need to drink it more often!

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I’ve invited the wrath of the weather gods by only including reds that are on the lighter end of the spectrum and would be good chilled on my latest order. So expect weather that will have me reaching for hearty warming reds within the next couple of days:

SP16461 Maruxa Godello 2020 £10.95 1 Bottle £10.95
RH60331 Ventoux Blanc Terrasses Chateau Pesquie 2020 £10.95 1 Bottle £10.95
IT32081 Valpolicella Tenuta Novare 2020 £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
IT32301 Vermentino di Sardegna localia Melis 2020 £9.50 1 Bottle £9.50
IT31021 Verdicchio di Matelica Borgo Paglianetto Terravignata 2019 ORGANIC £9.95 1 Bottle £9.95
IT31601A1 Cococciola Colline Pescaresi Giuliana Vicini 2020 £7.95 1 Bottle £7.95
IT31401 The Society’s Exhibition Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 £13.95 2 Bottle £27.90
BJ8751 The Society’s Exhibition Fleurie 2020 £10.50 1 Bottle £10.50
SA16921 Dirt Track Syrah Cinsault Swartland 2020 £7.95 1 Bottle £7.95
LO16281 Touraine Rouge Tradition Domaine de la Renaudie 2018 £8.95 1 Bottle £8.95
RH54761 Domaine Sainte Esteve Rondoletto IGP Mediterranee 2018 £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50

Taken the Bdx 2020 EP Plunge. Hope I live long enough.
Already in the bag is d’Angludet x 6 with From Vineyards Direct
This is from the TWS offer. I chose Haut Batailley from JR.com’s extensive notes for Bdx 2020
Overview - 2020 Bordeaux - En Primeur - Fine Wine - The Wine Society


i have just ordered the following.

4 Bottles FC40081 Cantoiseau Blanc Vin de France 2020 5.95 23.80
2 Bottles PW8611 The Societys Portuguese Red Peninsula de Setubal 2020 5.95 11.90
2 Bottles BJ8771 The Society’s Beaujolais Villages 2020 8.25 16.50
2 Bottles FC40831 Domaine Felines Jourdan Rouge IGP Herault 2020 6.95 13.90
1 Bottle KI74011 Litre of The Society’s Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100cl 12.95 12.95
1 Bottle AU23081 Wirra Wirra McLaren Vale Church Block 2018 12.95 12.95

Some free wine has become available :tada:


There are some supplier led discounts. This caught my eye. ISTR enjoying this very much in a previous vintage.


Katie Jones doesn’t disappoint for me, just wish some of the reds had a discount too!

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I got that email. This was definitely the stand-out. The discount is enormous.

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@szaki1974, @Winestwit, @Brocklehurstj:



Too late!

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It’s back.

I’d managed to ignore that email but that was too generous an offer to miss. Added a couple of Liatiko rosé to make up the £75. Another 8 bottles I almost certainly didn’t need but will no doubt enjoy.


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An order with TWS placed yesterday, to arrive post our Dorset holiday. Made partly of good friends such as:


But also a few I hope would become good friends:

A few others which will no doubt tick the right box, including:


And of course, the lovely Heidi… :star:

Now, to make some space… :thinking: