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What’s in your basket [July-August 2021]

Arrived today and very much looking forward to them as I think they might just be at the start of their drinking window.


Have just placed my cheapest ever order for a full case.

  1. We need some ‘cooking wines’. 2. The baby is nearly here! So I need to move back away from village Burgundy, Condrieu, Cornas et al! The bank needs a break from £20-40 bottles. Soon to be the sole earner for the first time in my life! Which leads to 3. The wife may start joining me in imbibing again, so an order with unfussy whites and a rose is probably in order.

Edit: Oooh - added some ‘magic balls’ after forgetting on the last 5 orders. Can finally get the decanter back in action.


The Baccolo and the Ferla are two of my favourite lower cost wines that I keep going back to!


Sicily is a great source for affordable (and less affordable) wine. Great choices.

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Had idly complied a little basket of wine champions with no real intent to buy. Then you come along and tip the scales to free delivery.
Thank you. Though need to get back on the no purchasing wagon.

Will give the Roncaglie a few more years. The others have seen their last summer.

AU23411 D’Arenberg Money Spider Roussanne 2020 ORGANIC £12.95 1 Bottle £12.95
JU1571 Chignin Bergeron Au Pied des Tours Domaine Jean Francois Quenard 2019 £18.00 1 Bottle £18.00
SA15091 Eagles Nest Shiraz Constantia 2015 £25.00 1 Bottle £25.00
GE10991 Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Alte Reben Dr Loosen 2015 £23.00 1 Bottle £23.00
UR551 Gran Bodegon 2015 £22.00 1 Bottle £22.00
IT30621 Etna Rosso Diciassettesalme Cottanera 2018 £18.50 1 Bottle £18.50
GR1771 Hatzidakis Aidani 2018 £29.00 1 Bottle £29.00

My time for perusing the site and investigating umpteen options will soon be severely curtailed once full-time Daddy-day-care resumes from Thursday afternoon, so getting an order in for trials for potential cases-to-reserves while I can.

I know the Aidani, but want to check things are still going well since the sad event at Hatzidakis before splurging; and I know the Etna. The others are new on me though. Anyone got any experience with the Eagles Nest / Gran Bodegon / Loosen? All 2015s, and they’d be for potential medium-term storage in reserves for marking the boy’s birth-year.

The Chignin is purely self-indulgent and one I’ve long had my eye on, and I’m particularly looking forward to trying this one; with a view - hopefully - to putting a case into reserves too. I imagine they’ll get rather scrumptious with a bit of age.


Really enjoyed the Dopff cremant recently and very handy half bottle.

A credit for a corked bottle was sitting in my account and with a price reduction on this mixed case I am now back in debit!

1 Case of 6 MX21101 Domaine Bardi d’Alquier Faugeres 2018 Mixed Case 99.00


Just received a mixed case, mainly ‘Champions’, plus a few others. Sadly no Dönnhoff Kabinett as ordered. Apparently Member Services will be in touch - I wonder what other delight they might offer as a substitute- or will it be just a refund?:frowning:

I’ve just had the last bottle of the estate Chardonnay 2014 vintage which was in a great place now, and ordered another6 from L&W on the strength of that. I have Mate’s Vineyard and Hunting Hill from 2017 but they won’t be getting touched for a bit.


its no good my buying wine to drink in 2039. If i am alive still i will be 94. I dont save wine for some future date because i its quite likely that i will be dead by then . I just want wine to drink now.The way we are dealing with global warming none of us may be alive in 2039.


Gah! Was that the 2016 Leistenberg? I’m supposed to have a box in reserves :grimacing:. Might demand to see it sooner rather than later.

You could always ask for a guaranteed allocation of the 2020 vintage come September…


Small order of wine that might not make past this summer


No, it was just the one bottle of Toad Pond. Not the end of the world, but I’m sure there were a few bottles showing in stock when I ordered.

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If you can make it to 105, all the latest gossip seems to suggest 2050 as the date when we reach irreversible societal collapse.


Both of these, but the site repeatedly refused to process my order & both have now dissapeared. Really quite annoying.

Email linking to 216 low stock fine wines, many on the list for a while, quite a few (including the above) showing as out of stock.

There were 4 bottles of the above in total left when I tried. Went in and out of my basket as others also obviously trying to purchase and getting their order bounced back as well. Clearly the system has had a wobble under a short-term pressure.

Don’t feel disappointed about the red - there was only 1 this morning so I suspect it never really existed

There were a few when @Taffy-on-Tour pointed them out on the Rhone Rangers thread last week.

This is very true - I believe they definitely existed at that point :grin: @Taffy-on-Tour your readings on wine and wine knowledge are greatly appreciated btw

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